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Quality of Life - PvP Suggestions 2018 (14-Feb-2018 14:40:38)

Throughout February, we're running a series of polls of your popular quality-of-life suggestions, like we did last year.

For this week, we've collated the most popular PvP related player suggestions for you to vote on!

This poll will close on Monday 19th February.

Total Number of Votes: 32308

Question 1 Should a warning message be added when attempting to cast any of the Wilderness teleports on the Ancient Spellbook, informing you that it will take you to the Wilderness? It would be possible to toggle this warning on and off.
Yes 84.5% (27281 votes)
No 10.4% (3346 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (1681 votes)
Question 2 Should the Wilderness Obelisk teleport locations be ordered according to level rather than their current sorting for those that have completed the hard Wilderness Diary?
Yes 74.1% (23928 votes)
No 9.2% (2950 votes)
Skip question 16.9% (5430 votes)
Question 3 Should we add a new world to Free to Play that would act as a PvP world?
Yes 85.1% (27484 votes)
No 7.9% (2538 votes)
Skip question 7.1% (2286 votes)
Question 4 Should the same PJ timer active in PvP worlds also be applied to all Bounty Hunter worlds?
Yes 62.5% (20162 votes)
No 11.6% (3734 votes)
Skip question 26.1% (8412 votes)
Question 5 Should we increase the current limit applied to the camera zoom out distance? There would still be an upper limit and the current render distance would remain unchanged.
Yes 81.4% (26269 votes)
No 9.9% (3172 votes)
Skip question 8.9% (2867 votes)
Question 6 Should the effects of Tele Block be fully removed when logging out?
Yes 60.2% (19442 votes)
No 32.1% (10370 votes)
Skip question 7.8% (2496 votes)
Question 7 When Tele Block is cast on you, you get a message in your chatbox stating how long it is for. Should the same message be given to the person who cast the Tele Block?
Yes 62.9% (20291 votes)
No 30.1% (9715 votes)
Skip question 7.2% (2302 votes)
Question 8 In Deadman we made a change which meant that Protect from Magic would no longer reduce the duration of bind spells. We'd like to offer a similar change which would only apply to Entangle, the strongest bind spell. Should we change it so that Protect from Magic no longer reduces the binding effect of the Entangle spell?
Yes 44.6% (14396 votes)
No 28.7% (9250 votes)
Skip question 26.9% (8662 votes)
Question 9 Should the amount of XP you receive when splashing with Entangle be slightly reduced so you know when the bind has been applied?
Yes 67.5% (21794 votes)
No 20.4% (6571 votes)
Skip question 12.3% (3943 votes)
Question 10 Should we change it so that you are able to attack your opponent for 6 seconds after they enter a safe zone in PvP worlds? Currently players are able to walk in and out of a safe zone and attack without being attacked back. This would only apply to players who have engaged in combat with each other.
Yes 62.8% (20287 votes)
No 22.8% (7351 votes)
Skip question 14.5% (4670 votes)
Question 11 We recently implemented XP drop indicators for those with 200m XP in stats. Should we also add XP drop indicators for Ironmen in PvP? This would not allow Ironmen to gain any experience in PvP, but would allow them to see how much experience they would have gained, if they were able to.
Yes 67.5% (21798 votes)
No 13.9% (4474 votes)
Skip question 18.7% (6036 votes)
Question 12 Should the destination of the Revenant cave teleport be moved to the north cave entrance rather than the south?
Yes 54.8% (17680 votes)
No 14.5% (4670 votes)
Skip question 30.9% (9958 votes)
Question 13 Should the special attack of the Granite maul be changed so that each use of it is delayed by 1 game cycle? This change would make the speed of the special attack work in the same way the Dragon thrownaxe currently does. The delay also applies when using the Granite maul special after switching to it from another special attack weapon.
Yes 41.6% (13415 votes)
No 42.9% (13829 votes)
Skip question 15.7% (5064 votes)
Question 14 Should it be possible for players to re-obtain the Bearhead obtained after killing The Kendal in the Mountain Daughter quest, without fully completing the quest? Currently if the helm is lost, players must then fully complete the quest before getting another.
Yes 67.7% (21857 votes)
No 17.4% (5611 votes)
Skip question 15.0% (4840 votes)
Question 15 Should the colour of the spellbook icon change based on which one is currently active?
Yes 88.2% (28492 votes)
No 6.5% (2081 votes)
Skip question 5.4% (1735 votes)

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