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Old School Content Poll #61: QoL and Content Poll (08-Nov-2018 13:10:33)

In the Bounty Hunter and PvP Changes blog we discussed some changes we'd like to make to PvP. Alongside this, there are a few changes we'd like to give you the opportunity to vote on.

This poll will close on Wednesday 14th November.

Total Number of Votes: 82699

Question 1 Should it be possible for players to purchase the Rune pouch from the Slayer Rewards shop in addition to the Bounty Hunter Store? This would cost 1,250 Slayer points, offering an alternative route to obtaining the Rune pouch without requiring PvP.
Yes 86.2% (71268 votes)
No 10.9% (8942 votes)
Skip question 3.1% (2489 votes)
Question 2 Should teleports to Ghorrock, Carrallanger and Catherby be added to Player Owned House portals at a cost of 100 times the number of runes required? These would also be added to the Portal Nexus for a cost of 1,000 times the number of runes required.
Yes 84.3% (69676 votes)
No 7.4% (6106 votes)
Skip question 8.4% (6917 votes)
Question 3 Should the recently released Spellbook filters available on mobile that allow players to hide spells they don't wish to use and make the remaining icons bigger, also be added to the desktop version?
Yes 82.1% (67829 votes)
No 12.7% (10493 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (4377 votes)
Question 4 Should the base model of the Dragon hunter crossbow be changed so that it looks less like the Dragon crossbow?
Yes 80.0% (66089 votes)
No 11.5% (9492 votes)
Skip question 8.7% (7118 votes)
Question 5 Should the inventory icon of the Justiciar legguards be changed slightly so they look less like the Ancestral robe bottom?
Yes 76.3% (63019 votes)
No 6.5% (5303 votes)
Skip question 17.4% (14377 votes)
Question 6 Should the Edgeville furnace be changed so that it can be used by both Free to Play players and Members? The bonus smelting chance would still require Members to be wearing the Varrock armours.
Yes 77.9% (64356 votes)
No 19.3% (15890 votes)
Skip question 3.0% (2453 votes)

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