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Old School Content Poll #62: Birdhouses and Spellbook filter (15-Nov-2018 16:19:54)

In this week's game update newspost, we announced some planned changes to the number of Bird nests you receive from Birdhouses. In that post, we also proposed some changes we'd like you to have the chance to vote on.

This poll will close on Wednesday 21st November.

Total Number of Votes: 70339

Question 1 Should the quantity of hop seeds gained from pickpocketing Master Farmers be increased?
Yes 81.1% (56981 votes)
No 12.7% (8908 votes)
Skip question 6.4% (4450 votes)
Question 2 Should it be possible to use herb seeds to lure birds inside a Birdhouse, in addition to hop seeds? Each herb seed up to Ranarr would give 1 charge whilst herb seeds of Ranarr and above would give 2 charges.
Yes 76.5% (53750 votes)
No 14.8% (10397 votes)
Skip question 8.9% (6192 votes)
Question 3 Should the upcoming Spellbook filters for desktop be changed so that when spells are filtered, it does not change the size of the spell icon? If this question fails, the previously polled question which makes the icons larger will be implemented.
Yes 41.0% (28772 votes)
No 43.1% (30308 votes)
Skip question 16.1% (11259 votes)

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