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Old School Content Poll #62.5: Spellbook filter again (22-Nov-2018 16:50:39)

In Poll 61, we offered to add the mobile game's Spellbook filters to the desktop version of the game.

Whilst this poll passed, many players were unhappy with the way the question was worded, since there was no option to vote for Spellbook filters without also having the spell icons change size, like they do on Mobile.

Although Poll 62 offered an amendment to the previous question, it still didn't give the option to vote separately for the filters and the size-change behaviour. However its results did show that many players do want one but not the other.

Due to the overwhelming amount of player feedback, we have taken the decision to poll the Spellbook filters again, now separating the increased icon size into another question.

It's important to note that the results of these poll questions will replace any previous poll questions regarding the mobile Spellbook filter coming to the desktop version.

This poll will close on Wednesday 28th November.

Total Number of Votes: 68740

Question 1 Should the recently released Spellbook filters available on mobile, that allow players to hide spells they don't wish to use, also be added to the desktop version?
Yes 86.9% (59706 votes)
No 11.0% (7547 votes)
Skip question 2.2% (1487 votes)
Question 2 If the Spellbook filters are added to the desktop version, should the size of the spell icons be increased when they're filtered?
Yes 71.0% (48802 votes)
No 24.1% (16556 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (3382 votes)

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