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Old School Content Poll #63: Kebos - Post Launch Changes (22-Jan-2019 10:00:47)

We've been gathering your feedback since the release of the Kebos Lowlands and would like to know what you think of the proposed changes below. Each major piece of new content has been considered and a new quest is included! For an in-depth explanation behind each of the questions, see the Revised Poll Blog in the news section of the website.

This poll will close on Friday 25th January.

Total Number of Votes: 68837

Question 1 Should Alry the Angler at the centre of Lake Molch sell the Angler outfit in his shop at a cost of 100 Molch Pearls a piece? The outfit would still be obtainable from the Fishing Trawler minigame.
Yes 77.2% (53075 votes)
No 15.2% (10406 votes)
Skip question 7.8% (5356 votes)
Question 2 Should the rate at which players can expect to obtain a Molch Pearl from aerial fishing scale from 1/100 to 1/75 based on a combination of their Fishing and Hunter levels? At 99 in both, players can expect it to be 1/75, at 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter the rate would be 1/100. Currently, the rate is 1/100 regardless of Fishing or Hunter level.
Yes 80.4% (55308 votes)
No 9.9% (6773 votes)
Skip question 9.9% (6756 votes)
Question 3 Should players have the option to sell their Golden tench to Alry for 100 Molch Pearls?
Yes 76.2% (52401 votes)
No 11.3% (7716 votes)
Skip question 12.7% (8720 votes)
Question 4 Should a Seed Vault as described in the poll blog be added to the first tier of the Farming Guild? It would only store standard, un-watered seeds and won't be available to Ultimate Ironmen.
Yes 82.5% (56776 votes)
No 8.3% (5672 votes)
Skip question 9.3% (6389 votes)
Question 5 Should the Alchemical Hydra have a Hydra head added to its loot table? This could be used to recolour the Slayer helm. This would require spending 1,000 Slayer points in the reward shop as it does with other Slayer helm recolours.
Yes 91.8% (63139 votes)
No 4.6% (3134 votes)
Skip question 3.8% (2564 votes)
Question 6 If the above question passes and a Hydra Head is added to the loot table of the Alchemical Hydra, should players be able to mount it on the wall of the Skill Hall in their player owned house at 82 Construction? This would reward the player with 1103 Construction xp and 200 xp in Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and Ranged. This will also require 2 Mahogany planks and 2 Gold leaves.
Yes 90.3% (62138 votes)
No 4.6% (3102 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (3597 votes)
Question 7 Should an Agility shortcut requiring 88 Agility that allows players to go directly to the Alchemical Hydra without being attacked by other monsters in the dungeon be created? This takes the same time as running through the dungeon.
Yes 79.2% (54504 votes)
No 15.5% (10627 votes)
Skip question 5.4% (3706 votes)
Question 8 Should shields and potions offering an anti-dragonfire effect offer protection from the Drakes' special attack? The usual levels of protection will apply, meaning an Anti-dragon shield alone will not provide full protection.
Yes 71.3% (49012 votes)
No 18.8% (12876 votes)
Skip question 10.1% (6949 votes)
Question 9 Should poison protection such as the effects of super-antipoison potions and antidotes halve the amount of damage the player receives from the damage-over-time dealt by standing on the poison pool from a regular Hydra's special attack?
Yes 64.9% (44659 votes)
No 19.8% (13585 votes)
Skip question 15.4% (10593 votes)
Question 10 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Wrym bones be increased to 50? Currently they give 30 Prayer xp.
Yes 82.6% (56804 votes)
No 12.2% (8392 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (3641 votes)
Question 11 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Drake bones be increased to 80? Currently they give 60 Prayer xp.
Yes 81.7% (56233 votes)
No 12.7% (8676 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (3928 votes)
Question 12 Should the base Prayer experience gained from burying Hydra bones be increased to 110? Currently they give 90 Prayer xp.
Yes 81.8% (56246 votes)
No 12.9% (8855 votes)
Skip question 5.5% (3736 votes)
Question 13 Should we make it so that gaining favour with one Kourend house no longer removes favour with the others? The overall time taken to reach maximum favour in all houses would not be impacted by this change. This will make the favour system fit the lore of Kourend better and increase flexibility when earning favour.
Yes 81.8% (56242 votes)
No 14.6% (10019 votes)
Skip question 3.8% (2576 votes)
Question 14 If the above question passes, should we add an extra 10k xp lamp reward to the Architectural Alliance miniquest? If this question passes, players who have already completed the miniquest will also receive the lamp.
Yes 87.6% (60277 votes)
No 8.0% (5460 votes)
Skip question 4.6% (3100 votes)
Question 15 Should we add the X Marks the Spot quest? This will be a short F2P quest with no requirements that is designed to provide more links between Kourend and the mainland.
Yes 83.5% (57478 votes)
No 11.7% (8044 votes)
Skip question 4.9% (3315 votes)
Question 16 Should monsters drop a Key or similar item which could be given to Konar in exchange for a roll on her exclusive loot table? This would be in place of the standard drop rather than an additional one. This would not affect the loot table itself or chances of gaining particular items in any way.
Yes 71.3% (49064 votes)
No 20.8% (14306 votes)
Skip question 8.0% (5467 votes)
Question 17 Should players receive a message in their chat box to notify them of a monster rolling on Konar's loot table? This would be off by default and would be enabled by talking to Konar.
Yes 87.6% (60257 votes)
No 6.5% (4450 votes)
Skip question 6.0% (4130 votes)

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