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Quality of Life - Combat Suggestions 2019 (01-Feb-2019 13:24:37)

Throughout February, we're running a series of polls of your popular quality-of-life suggestions, like we did last year.

For this week, we've collated the most popular combat related player suggestions for you to vote on!

This poll will close on Monday 4th February.

Total Number of Votes: 62760

Question 1 Should the Defence requirement found on Blessed forms of D'hide Chaps be removed? Currently they require 40 Defence to equip.
Yes 24.0% (15049 votes)
No 71.6% (44900 votes)
Skip question 4.5% (2811 votes)
Question 2 Should the Defence requirement found on Blessed forms of D'hide Vambraces be removed? Currently they require 40 Defence to equip.
Yes 24.7% (15452 votes)
No 70.9% (44449 votes)
Skip question 4.6% (2859 votes)
Question 3 Should the player automatically stop attacking Vorkath when frozen by his special attack?
Yes 41.8% (26226 votes)
No 33.6% (21030 votes)
Skip question 24.8% (15504 votes)
Question 4 Should Entangle, Snare and Bind durations be unaffected by Protect from Magic?
Yes 36.0% (22592 votes)
No 55.7% (34952 votes)
Skip question 8.4% (5216 votes)
Question 5 Should players be able to upgrade the Range and Max cape to match the ammo pick up effects of the Assembler? This would require using Vorkath's head on the cape and would not include the additional bonuses.
Yes 82.7% (51850 votes)
No 8.4% (5236 votes)
Skip question 9.1% (5674 votes)
Question 6 Should it be possible to sacrifice Slayer trophy heads on the Dark altar for 2,500 Prayer XP? Vorkath's head, due to its more common drop rate, would award 1000 XP instead.
Yes 79.8% (50082 votes)
No 12.3% (7690 votes)
Skip question 8.0% (4988 votes)
Question 7 Should the Strength bonus offered by the Serpentine Helmet be increased to +5? Currently it is +3.
Yes 72.9% (45737 votes)
No 17.7% (11084 votes)
Skip question 9.5% (5939 votes)
Question 8 Should Weapon categories remember the previous attack style being used when equipped? For example, if a player used any sword previously with the "Defensive" attack style, any other sword will continue to be used with the Defensive style when equipped.
Yes 83.7% (52519 votes)
No 10.7% (6693 votes)
Skip question 5.7% (3548 votes)
Question 9 If the question above fails, should we instead add an attack style to Dihn's bulwark only to make the combat buttons more convenient when switching?
Yes 55.8% (34960 votes)
No 13.5% (8421 votes)
Skip question 30.9% (19379 votes)
Question 10 Should autocast options be remembered when equipping a magical weapon? Each autocast configuration layout will be remembered seperately. Magical weapons which share the same layout will share the spell remembered. For example, the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead share the same autocast configuration layout and would, in turn, share which spell is remembered. This would only be for non-PvP areas.
Yes 85.9% (53880 votes)
No 8.4% (5255 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (3625 votes)
Question 11 Should a noticeboard be added to Pest Control which shows the amount of personal Wins for Novice, Intermediate and Veteran Landers?
Yes 86.1% (53977 votes)
No 5.4% (3338 votes)
Skip question 8.7% (5445 votes)

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