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The Forthos Dungeon (17-Jun-2019 17:28:44)

On June 7th we posted a poll blog featuring the Forthos Dungeon developed by Mod Husky. We'd now like to poll the content discussed in that blog.

We've also included some questions in preparation for Song of the Elves. These suggested changes are design to improve the player experience during the elven questline.

This poll will close on Monday 24th June.

Total Number of Votes: 58690

Question 1 Should the Forthos Dungeon be added to Old School RuneScape as described in the blog?
Yes 86.6% (50778 votes)
No 7.5% (4383 votes)
Skip question 6.1% (3529 votes)
Question 2 If the Forthos Dungeon is added, should the bone burner be added as it is described in the blog? This would provide 3x the base Prayer experience for each type of bone. If this question does not pass, it will give the base experience.
Yes 75.4% (44243 votes)
No 17.2% (10072 votes)
Skip question 7.5% (4375 votes)
Question 3 If the Forthos Dungeon is added, should it contain Sarachnis, the new red spider boss as described in the blog? Red spider eggs will be removed from the Nightmare Zone rewards shop regardless of the outcome of this question.
Yes 86.5% (50715 votes)
No 7.8% (4532 votes)
Skip question 5.9% (3443 votes)
Question 4 If Sarachnis is added, should she have a unique drop that can be used as a 4-tick one-handed crush weapon requiring 65 Attack to wield? This is not expected to compete with the Abyssal whip or other weapons but will be more effective against Sarachnis herself due to her weakness against crush weapons. The stats of the weapon would be as shown in the poll blog.
Yes 82.5% (48399 votes)
No 10.8% (6337 votes)
Skip question 6.8% (3954 votes)
Question 5 Should players be able to bypass the Underground Pass by talking to Koftik after they have completed the Underground Pass quest?
Yes 71.4% (41867 votes)
No 26.3% (15425 votes)
Skip question 2.4% (1398 votes)
Question 6 Should players unlock a shortcut after completing the grid puzzle in Underground Pass allowing them to bypass it?
Yes 70.0% (41073 votes)
No 27.3% (16018 votes)
Skip question 2.8% (1599 votes)
Question 7 Should players unlock a shortcut after completing the Agility maze in Underground Pass allowing them to bypass it?
Yes 68.4% (40102 votes)
No 28.8% (16852 votes)
Skip question 3.0% (1736 votes)
Question 8 Should the list of items needed to obtain the Death talisman from Thorgel in Mourning's Ends Part II be shortened to the 12 described in the blog?
Yes 55.5% (32536 votes)
No 33.7% (19773 votes)
Skip question 10.9% (6381 votes)
Question 9 Should the need to rotate the mirror to enter the Death Altar at the end of Mourning's Ends Part II be removed?
Yes 56.7% (33247 votes)
No 30.3% (17767 votes)
Skip question 13.1% (7676 votes)
Question 10 As an extra reward for accessing Tirannwn, should two rune rocks be added to the southern Tirannwn mine?
Yes 73.4% (43027 votes)
No 18.2% (10650 votes)
Skip question 8.6% (5013 votes)
Question 11 Should Captain Barnaby offer to ferry players between Ardougne and Rimmington for 30 coins?
Yes 87.8% (51507 votes)
No 9.2% (5389 votes)
Skip question 3.1% (1794 votes)

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