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Prifddinas Agility & Elena (30-Jul-2019 10:36:19)

On Friday we posted a Day 1 Report for Song of the Elves. It describes some of the stats, hotfixes and planned changes based on feedback. In the report, we also promised to poll the appearance of Elena's chathead.

We are offering a proposed chathead alongside the old and current chatheads for Elena. This question will be to gauge player opinion only rather than be a Yes/No question. As such, we will use the result to inform the decision we make.

A question regarding Agility XP rates at the new course in Prifddinas is also included. This will be the standard Yes/No question format, requiring the usual 75% approval rate to pass.

This poll will close on Wednesday 31st July in time for the game update the following morning.

Total Number of Votes: 26468

Question 1 Which of the Elena chatheads from the blog do you prefer?
Option A 9.3% (2451 votes)
Option B 28.5% (7524 votes)
Option C 44.1% (11654 votes)
Skip question 18.3% (4839 votes)
Question 2 Currently the Agility course in Prifddinas provides 56k XP per hour at level 90 Agility without using the shortcuts and 62k with the shortcuts. Should this be increased to 60k without the shortcuts and 66k with the shortcuts?
Yes 86.5% (22879 votes)
No 8.7% (2286 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (1303 votes)

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