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Crystal kit charges, Elves and the Iorwerth Dungeon (09-Aug-2019 16:44:13)

In Thursday's blog, we offered to adjust some aspects of the new elf content. Some changes affect the balancing, others are cosmetic.

The first three questions are opinion surveys, where the most popular outcome will be enacted. The final three require the usual 75% pass rate.

This poll will close on Tuesday 13th August.

Total Number of Votes: 34653

Question 1 Should the skin colour of the Iorwerth elves be changed from purple to match the skin colour of other elves?
Leave them as they are now. 28.4% (9825 votes)
Change the colour to match other elves. 55.4% (19194 votes)
Skip question 16.3% (5634 votes)
Question 2 Which style of chathead do you prefer from options A, and B, as shown in the poll blog? If the proposed style is more popular than the current one, it will be applied to all elves in the game.
A 20.6% (7123 votes)
B 56.0% (19384 votes)
Skip question 23.6% (8146 votes)
Question 3 Which version of Lord Iorwerth's model do you prefer from options A, B, and C as shown in the poll blog? The most popular choice will be Lord Iorwerth's appearance throughout the elven questline.
A 18.0% (6208 votes)
B 35.0% (12122 votes)
C 23.4% (8086 votes)
Skip question 23.8% (8237 votes)
Question 4 Should the total number of charges held by all crystal items be changed to 20,000? This would include the new Blade of Saeldor and Crystal armours.
Yes 81.1% (28080 votes)
No 6.2% (2135 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (4438 votes)
Question 5 Should the amount of charges provided to the Blade of Saeldor by each Crystal shard be increased from 25 to 100?
Yes 76.6% (26542 votes)
No 11.0% (3778 votes)
Skip question 12.6% (4333 votes)
Question 6 Should the creatures found in the Iorwerth Dungeon be levelled up to match the kinds currently found in the Catacombs of Kourend?
Yes 71.7% (24825 votes)
No 13.0% (4476 votes)
Skip question 15.5% (5352 votes)

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