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Old School feature poll #15: Rejuvenating the Wilderness (22-Jan-2014 12:12:30)

Before voting in this poll, make sure you have read the latest developer blog - Rejuvenating the Wilderness 2 (Quick find code: 317-318-717-65268171). This will give you some important context for these questions. This poll will run until Wednesday 29th January.

Total Number of Votes: 22617

Question 1 Would you like us to upgrade the Wilderness to the basic level as featured in the latest developer blog called 'Rejuvenating the Wilderness 2'?
Yes 82.3% (18601 votes)
No 17.8% (4016 votes)
Question 2 Should we stop players from teleporting out of the KBD lair?
Yes 29.1% (6575 votes)
No 71.0% (16042 votes)
Question 3 Should we add three new rune rocks to the Ice Plateau?
Yes 86.7% (19604 votes)
No 13.4% (3013 votes)
Question 4 Should we add the Fountain of Rune to the maze area in the far East of level 50 Wilderness?
Yes 76.9% (17386 votes)
No 23.2% (5231 votes)
Question 5 Once we have solved the issue of luring players into the Wilderness using the trade windows, should we remove the Wilderness Ditch?
Yes 68.4% (15457 votes)
No 31.7% (7160 votes)
Question 6 Should we add a dungeon of God Wars creatures to the Wilderness?
Yes 76.8% (17358 votes)
No 23.3% (5259 votes)
Question 7 Should a player be able to see how many times they have been killed in the Wilderness, how many players they have killed in the Wilderness and the ratio between them?
Yes 84.0% (18984 votes)
No 16.1% (3633 votes)
Question 8 Should we replace red dragons with lava dragons in the Wilderness?
Yes 80.4% (18179 votes)
No 19.7% (4438 votes)
Question 9 If lava dragons enter the Wilderness, should you be able to get three times the amount of XP if you bury their bones in the Lava Dragon Isle?
Yes 80.5% (18202 votes)
No 19.6% (4415 votes)
Question 10 Should revenants be added to the Wilderness in the Graveyard of Shadows?
Yes 67.9% (15352 votes)
No 32.2% (7265 votes)
Question 11 If revenants are added should the Graveyard of Shadows become a multi combat zone?
Yes 50.7% (11454 votes)
No 49.4% (11163 votes)
Question 12 Should we allow players to be able to attack other players in a single way combat area even if either are currently in combat with an NPC?
Yes 51.6% (11658 votes)
No 48.5% (10959 votes)
Question 13 Should we remove 10 worlds from the world list to boost activity on the other worlds?
Yes 60.2% (13594 votes)
No 39.9% (9023 votes)
Question 14 Should tradeable items become visible immediately to all players if their owner chooses to drop them on the ground in the Wilderness?
Yes 61.2% (13824 votes)
No 38.9% (8793 votes)
Question 15 Should the cave kraken Slayer creature drop a new level 75 staff with a built-in spell for use against monsters? The spell is cast 20% faster than normal spells, with a max hit of 20 at Magic level 75, rising to 28 at level 99. Check the blog for full details.
Yes 80.9% (18282 votes)
No 19.2% (4335 votes)
Question 16 Should we increase the alch value of Bandos armour very slightly to make it protect on death over crystal equipment and Barrows equipment?
Yes 87.8% (19839 votes)
No 12.3% (2778 votes)
Question 17 Should we add a level 10 Agility shortcut to shorten the route from Varrock's west bank to the spirit tree?
Yes 95.4% (21569 votes)
No 4.7% (1048 votes)
Question 18 Should the run energy icon near the minimap toggle your Run Mode setting when you click it?
Yes 95.0% (21483 votes)
No 5.1% (1134 votes)
Question 19 Should the prayer points icon near the minimap allow you to select some 'quick prayers' and toggle them on and off when you click it?
Yes 81.0% (18314 votes)
No 19.1% (4303 votes)
Question 20 Should the health icon near the minimap allow you to cure poison or cure disease when you click it, provided you have suitable items in your inventory?
Yes 75.8% (17134 votes)
No 24.3% (5483 votes)
Question 21 Should we increase the cool-down time on the minigame teleports to 1 hour?
Yes 31.2% (7048 votes)
No 68.9% (15569 votes)
Question 22 Should the God Wars Dungeon altars give a message stating how long before you'll next be able to use them?
Yes 93.2% (21061 votes)
No 6.9% (1556 votes)
Question 23 If you are in a chat-channel when you log out, should you automatically attempt to re-join it on login?
Yes 90.2% (20389 votes)
No 9.9% (2228 votes)
Question 24 Should you have the option to pay some Slayer points to unlock mithril dragons as a new task from Duradel and Nieve?
Yes 89.3% (20192 votes)
No 10.8% (2425 votes)
Question 25 Should you have the option to pay some Slayer points to unlock aviansies as a new task from Duradel, Chaeldar and Nieve?
Yes 84.5% (19095 votes)
No 15.6% (3522 votes)
Question 26 Should we add new channels to the minigame grouping panel for finding Black Arm / Phoenix Gang members, finding God Wars Dungeon parties and finding Waterbirth Island parties? These channels would not have teleports associated with them.
Yes 87.0% (19657 votes)
No 13.1% (2960 votes)
Question 27 Should we add loot broadcasts to the Kalphite Queen, the King Black Dragon, the Dagannoth Kings and the Chaos Elemental?
Yes 78.9% (17828 votes)
No 21.2% (4789 votes)
Question 28 Should watered saplings have a (w) appended to their names?
Yes 85.6% (19359 votes)
No 14.5% (3258 votes)
Question 29 Should the Total Level box on the stats interface have a tooltip that shows your total XP?
Yes 91.2% (20623 votes)
No 8.9% (1994 votes)
Question 30 Should we add 24 more bank spaces to everyone's bank?
Yes 97.8% (22109 votes)
No 2.3% (508 votes)

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