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All of our game content resides here. Content includes walkthroughs for those difficult quests; advice on each of the skills for new players and experienced players alike; and guides to tell you what is available in each area of the game.

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Having trouble subscribing? Need technical assistance with the game or help with your account? Look here for answers from your Customer Support team.

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Do you want to help build up the wiki but can't think of what to write? Have you got an idea for a page and want to get some help making it? Look here for help on how to edit the wiki and to join in with the editing community.

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Players who have at least the following requirements may edit the wiki:

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Only Jagex staff may edit these pages so you can take this as the official word of Jagex.

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Information within these pages has had contributions from both Jagex staff members and our player editors.

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If you have identified content on the wiki that breaches the wiki policies or RuneScape rules it is possible for you to resolve this by editing/updating the content.

However if you feel that a user has seriously breached our rules or editing policy and this requires urgent attention from a member of staff, then please specify the issue from the below categories: