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Abilities are how you mix up your fighting style, allowing you to do special moves, powerful combo attacks and survive against great threats. By performing basic attacks and basic abilities you will generate adrenaline, and adrenaline is used to perform more advanced and stronger abilities such as thresholds and ultimates.

There are three types of ability:

  • Basic - These abilities are quick, low-cooldown abilities and are primarily used to generate adrenaline faster than simply using auto-attacks. They increase your adrenaline by 8%, whereas auto-attacks increase it by 2%-3%. These allow you to add more attacks to your mix, as well as stun, bind and bleed enemies.
  • Threshold - Threshold abilities do more damage than basic abilities, but they also drain 15% of your adrenaline when cast. Threshold abilities require 50% adrenaline to use. By mixing threshold abilities into your arsenal you unlock greater damage output, as well as access to more powerful effects.
  • Ultimate - These are the most powerful of all abilities, capable of the most devastating and beneficial effects. Most of these abilities wipe your adrenaline bar completely, and do not generate adrenaline. Deciding when to use them is key to being as effective as possible in combat.

Some abilities have special requirements such as skill level, weapon requirements and rune costs. Unless you meet these requirements, you will not be able to use your chosen ability.

A player or NPC can be set as your target for all following spells, attacks, and abilities. This will be automatically set when you attack them, but can also be manually set by pressing the 'T' button on your keyboard and then selecting the enemy you wish to attack. This can be useful for starting combat with an ability rather than an auto-attack.

Some quest objects can also be targeted if, for instance, a spell needs to be cast on them.

Accessing your Powers

Your abilities, prayers, curses and spells are listed in action windows that are shown in the tabs of the powers interface. The tabs and their accompanying action windows are as follows:

Tab title Action window Contents description
Melee Melee Abilities Attack and Strength-based abilities
Ranged Ranged Abilities Ranged-based abilities
Magic Magic Abilities Magic-based abilities as well as combat, teleportation and skilling spells
Defensive Defence Abilities Defence and Constitution-based abilities
Prayers Prayers / Curses Prayers / Curses (both of which are Prayer-based)

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