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RuneScape Client/Multiple Configuration Setup

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This guide will show you how to modify the RuneScape Downloadable Client to be able to run multiple versions of the game, including the Old School RuneScape servers and any beta or alpha game versions.

Make sure you have the latest version of the client before you follow the instructions.

Although specific instructions are given for Old School RuneScape, a similar procedure can be used with a different directory/folder name with a matching .prm or info.plist file to enable access to different servers. Refer to prm Files for specific settings to be included. Although the file format is slightly different with the info.plist file, most of the same settings are available.

Video Instructions

Click to play - How to play Old School RuneScape on the client

For Windows

  1. Right click the Windows icon (usually in the bottom left corner) and select Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Browse to %userprofile%\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\

    %userprofile% is an environmental variable that automatically points to your user folder

    (Alternatively, Press the Windows key + r, and paste %userprofile%\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\ in to the "run" window, and select OK. This will work on Windows 8 where there is no start menu, and will also work on versions of Windows lower than 8.)
  3. oldschool directory.jpg
    Old School Directory
    Copy the runescape folder, and call it oldschool (your folder list should now look like the image to the right)
  4. Go into the oldschool folder, and rename runescape.prm to oldschool.prm

    If you don't have file extensions set as visible, you will see "runescape" rather than "runescape.prm" as the file - you'll need to just rename it to "oldschool", as the file extension will then stay the same)
  5. Right click the oldschool.prm file and either select 'edit' or 'open with'.

    If you need to select open with choose any text editor like Notepad or Write.
  6. When the file opens find the line that says -Dcom.jagex.config=$(Language:0)/ and change it to say -Dcom.jagex.config=

    Language:0 may be :1 :2 etc. This is redundant for oldschool servers as they are English only.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Find and copy the RuneScape client shortcut, rename this Old School RuneScape, or similar
    oldschool shortcut.jpg
    copied shortcut
  9. oldschool launcher.png
    Old School Launcher
    Edit the new shortcut properties so that where it says "JagexLauncher.exe runescape" it now says "JagexLauncher.exe oldschool"
  10. Open the downloadable client using the new link to get the old school game, or your old link to get the main game!

Warning! If you change runescape.prm file to oldschool.prm you'll get a Missing Paramenter error! Don't change the file name just the code inside it.


  1. In Finder click on Applications.
  2. Right click on the RuneScape icon.
  3. Select "Show Package Contents".
  4. Double click on the folder "Contents".
  5. Double click on the file Info.plist
  6. In the Info.plist file look for the line <string>$(Language:0)/</string> and change it to say <string></string>
    • Language:0 may be :1 :2 etc. This is redundant for oldschool servers as they are English only.
  7. Save the file.
  8. Open the downloadable client as you normally would.

Reverting the changes

To return the client back to the default live game, simply follow this guide again, and replace the line <string> </string> with <string>$(Language:0)/</string>.


  1. First, follow this guide to install the Runescape Unix Client.

NOTE: The Runescape Unix Client is regularly updated, and will probably have support for the old school servers out-of-the-box very soon. Check in your application menu to see if this is the case. If not, continue on.

  1. In ~/.config/runescape/share/prms, copy "runescape.prm" to "oldschool.prm"
  2. Edit oldschool.prm, replacing the line that reads -Dcom.jagex.config=$(Language:0)/ and change it to -Dcom.jagex.config=
  3. To launch oldschool runescape, run the command: /opt/runescape/runescape --prmfile=oldschool.prm &

Note: The & at the end of the command is important- it makes it so the process is launched in the background, allowing you to close the terminal window while playing runescape.

Changing the Icon in Windows

Current (post-RS3) launcher icon
Current (post-RS3) launcher icon
2007 launcher icon
2007 launcher icon
Pre-RS3 launcher icon
Pre-RS3 launcher icon
  1. If you wish to change the icon, open the file location of your oldschool folder, (the same one with oldschool.prm) and replace the image jagexappletviewer.png with your own image. Make sure to name it jagexappletviewer.png, if you do not follow this step, only the desktop icon will change and not the taskbar icon.
  2. Next, create a .ico file out of your png. Many conversion sites exist to turn .pngs in to .ico files, and it is recommended you use an image with a transparent background for your icon. An example image is displayed to your right. Pasting the .ico file in to the folder is convenient, but not required. A simple google search for convert png to ico will find you a website to create your .ico file.
  3. After replacing jagexappletviewer.png, right click the desktop shortcut for your 2007 client, and change the icon to the same .ico file you downloaded.
  4. Note that not all PNG to ICO converting websites are created equally. Some will not convert at the same quality as the original PNG that you uploaded. Try a few different sites out, and pick the one with the highest quality .ico file.

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