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Completing one of the Karamja Achievements

The lands of Gielinor are varied and picturesque. Even the fetid swamps of Mort Myre and the blasted wastes of the Wilderness possess their special charms for those who care to look. Of course, the scenery isn't everything, and each land has its specialties: from the mines of Keldagrim to the plants and animals of Karamja.

If you're a wee bit bored and fancy a few small tasks, you might like to check out your achievements interface to see what the people of those lands do to prove their proficiency in all things.


Hero icon

The achievements interface is part of the Hero management interface, accessed by pressing 'F1' on your keyboard, or by pressing the hero icon on the ribbon. This interface allows you to view all Achievements (by set) and, should you wish, filter out any that are not part of the current set you are viewing or which you have already completed (using the options).

It cannot be removed from the Hero interface and therefore cannot be moved or otherwise manipulated.

You can also access the Active Task interface from here.

The Achievements are displayed as icons with their type, difficulty and whether you've completed them or not displayed on the right of each icon. Hovering over an icon will give you the Achievement name, and you can click on an individual icon for more details.

Complete? Counts towards Reward? Difficulty
achievement complete.gif
achievement diary.gif
difficulty icon beginner.gif
difficulty icon easy.gif
difficulty icon medium.gif
No - No - Hard
difficulty icon hard.gif
difficulty icon elite.gif

  • Beginner - Should be able to be completed by every player with relative ease.
  • Easy - Might require some quests to be complete, but they will generally be low-level quests. Almost any player should be capable of completing all of the Easy Tasks.
  • Medium - May require a few more quests, be in more dangerous locations or require several of your skills to be advanced.
  • Hard - May not appear difficult at first glance, but they may require you to enter incredibly dangerous areas, to have completed high-level quests or to survive through all the horrors an area can throw at you, just to eat a kebab...
  • Elite - Will ask for very high levels (often up in the 90s) or for a series of steps to be completed within a certain area. These will test all but the most experienced players, pushing your knowledge and skills to the extreme. The rewards, however, are more than worth it...
achievement details.jpg
Achievement details

Clicking on an Achievement here will display more information about it including its name, the set that it belongs to and its difficulty level (both explained in the Achievement Sets section below), a description of the Achievement, and sometimes even a hint on how to go about completing it. There will also be some information on what rewards you can gain by completing all Achievements in the set that it belongs to (see the rewards section below).

The options menu in the top-right of the Achievements tab allows you to change the settings of the Noticeboard and Active Task menu. For example, if desired, you can hide completed tasks, and hide Achievements that do not pertain to a given Achievement set. The options that are available to you are as follows:

  • Check to hide already-completed tasks - Shows/Hides completed tasks from the Noticeboard
  • Check to hide Tasks which are not part of a set - Shows/Hides Tasks/Achievements which do not contribute to the Achievement rewards
  • Check to hide 'Task Complete' popups - Shows/Hides notifications that tell you when you have completed a task
  • Check to hide the 'Active Task' window - Shows/Hides the interface that provides information on the Tasks/Achievement you have pinned.

These options are also under the game settings interface.


Note that when in Legacy mode the interface functions exactly the same. The only difference is that it will have a slightly different appearance, and can be accessed via the options menu, rather than the ribbon.

Achievement Sets

Most Achievements belong to a set (the majority of which are based on geographical location) - e.g. the Lumbridge/Draynor set. You can filter which set you are looking at with the drop down menu on the top-left of the interface.

Completing all achievements within each set will gain you a reward. You can find out about the rewards available below.

Note that there are a handful of Achievements that are NOT considered to be part of a set - and will not contribute to the rewards for completing a set.

The Achievement sets are as follows:

Rewards No Rewards
set icon ardougne.gif Ardougne Members icon set icon falador.gif Falador set icon fremennik.gif Fremennik Province Members icon set icon burthorpe.gif Burthorpe/Taverley Members icon
set icon karamja.gif Karamja Members icon set icon lumbridge.gif Lumbridge/Draynor set icon seers.gif Seers' Village Members icon D&Ds/Minigames
set icon varrock.gif Varrock set icon morytania.gif Morytania Members icon set icon desert.gif Desert Members icon Lodestone Network
set icon daemonheim.gif Daemonheim Members icon set icon tirannwn.gif Tirannwn Members icon New Varrock Members icon Citadel Members icon


Each time you complete all of the achievements in a set of the same level of difficulty, you will receive a message in your chat box congratulating you and reminding you who you should speak to (or what other criteria you must fulfill) in order to collect your reward.

You must earn the reward for the lower levels of difficulty within a set before you can claim the upgraded version of that reward. For example, if you complete all medium achievements in the Lumbridge/Draynor set, you must also have completed all beginner and easy achievements in the same set to claim the reward for the medium achievements.

Each set offers a different item reward and one or more experience lamps, with their usefulness increasing with each difficulty level completed. Often, these rewards will allow you greater freedom in the area or provide you with new training areas restricted to those who have completed the achievements.

Note that the experience lamps you receive can be used on any skill, provided your current level in that skill is at least level 30 (for an easy level lamp), level 40 (for a medium level lamp), level 50 (for a hard level lamp) or, depending upon how much experience it awards, anything from level 60 to level 90 (for an elite level lamp).

There are a couple of additional bonuses in the form of a new music track unlocked for completing any 350 achievements, and an emote for completing all achievements (including those achievements in the Lumbridge area that are not considered to be part of the Lumbridge/Draynor set).

For the rewards, see the individual achievement set pages:

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