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Adamant minotaur

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Adamant minotaur
adamant minotaur.gif
Familiar Information
He's just a big bully
Summoning Level XP Points Duration
Summoning 76 Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Combat Level Combat Style Life Points
133 Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Active Abilities Passive Abilities
Active boost 1? [Edit]
Active boost 2? [Edit]
Beast of burden? [Edit]
Forager? [Edit]
Teleporter? [Edit]
Remote view? [Edit]
Other active abilities? [Edit]
Passive boost 1? [Edit]
Passive boost 2? [Edit]
Healer? [Edit]
Passive forager? [Edit]
Light enhancer? [Edit]
Other passive abilities? [Edit]
Adamant minotaur pouch Information
I can summon a Adamant minotaur familiar with this.
adamant minotaur pouch.gif XP Spirit Shards Charm Tertiary
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Blue charm
Blue charm
adamantite bar.gif
Adamant bar

Unknown [Edit]
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]
High Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Low Level Alchemy value? [Edit]
Unknown scroll [Edit] Information
A scroll for a Adamant minotaur familiar.
XP Points Special Move
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Can be exchanged with Bogrog? [Edit]

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