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adventurer's log.jpg
Adventurer's Log

The Adventurer's Log is a feature on the RuneScape website which allows you to view your statistics, your recent activities, and your forum avatar. You are also able to view other players' Adventurer's Logs.

To access the Adventurer's Log hover over the 'Community' tab at the top of the RuneScape front page and select 'Adventurer's Log'. You will need to log in to see your own details, or simply type in a player's name to view the details of someone else (as long as that player's profile is visible).

In the banner area of the profile (visible on all tabs with exception of the search area) you'll see the avatar and name of the player whose profile you are viewing on the left, and the total level and total xp that they have on the right.


adventurer's log profile.jpg
Adventurer's Log Profile

The profile view is where you'll see an overview of your account (or the publicly available account of another player) progress.

Below the Adventurer's Log menu you'll find five to six areas. An area for quests, skills, combat, account details, activity and, if applicable, clan information.

The quests area will show progress bars detailing how many quests you have not started, started and finished. Clicking anywhere in this area will take you to the quests tab of the Adventurer's Log.

The skills area will show your top 4 skills ordered by level and then xp. You top skill will show your level and total xp in it, whereas the other three skills will only show your level. Clicking anywhere in this area will take you to the skills tab of the Adventurer's Log.

The clan area will only show if you are a member of a clan. It will show your clan's flag and name. Clicking anywhere in this area will take you to the Clan Home section of the website.

The combat area will show your levels in Magic, Attack and Ranged in the form of a pie chart displaying your level in those three skills. Clicking anywhere in this area will take you to the skills tab of the Adventurer's Log.

The account details area shows the amount of time you've played, your combat level, your current rank on the hiscores (for total xp) and a full body image of your character.

The activity area shows your four (ten if you are not a member of a clan) latest game events such as boss kills, rare item drops and leveling events. Clicking anywhere in this area will take you to the activity tab of the Adventurer's Log.


adventurer's log skills.jpg
Adventurer's Log Skills

The skills tab of the Adventurer's Log shows every skill in the game and your progress, or the progress of the player whose profile you are viewing, in it.

In the top-right you can select your goal - a level target, or an XP target - from the drop down list. This will let you track your progress towards that goal. If you've reached your goal, the progress bar will turn green.

Each skill has a progress bar showing the percentage completion until the your goal (a level band, the next level or the maximum amount of XP achievable). Inside the progress bar you'll see the numerical values for this graphic. You'll also see the current level in the skill on the far left, and your goal on the far right. For example, the player shown in the image to the right is 19% of the way to the maximum amount of XP achievable in Attack.

Clicking on a skill will open up a graph that will show how much XP you've earned per month for the last 12 months, your overall rank for that skill, and your current rank for the month in that skill. You'll also see the total XP you have in that skill and the XP remaining before you reach your goal. The XP bar for the current month is highlighted green. Data tracking starts at the end of March 2014, anything before this will not be shown.


adventurer's log quests.jpg
Adventurer's Log Quests

The quests tab of the Adventurer's Log shows every quest in the game and your progress in them.

At the top of the page is a progress bar showing the total number of quests and their completion status. Quests are colour coded as completed, in progress, not started and not eligible.

Below the progress bar you'll find all the quests listed and an indicator of their status. On the 'All Quests' tab, the quest list is sorted by completion and then alphabetically by name. All other tabs are sorted alphabetically. Each quest has an image, a difficulty rating and a status. If a quest's image is greyed out then you do not have the requirements to start it.

Clicking on a quest will provide more details about it such as where to start it and what levels you need. It will also tell you how many quest points it awards and whether or not it is a members-only quest. There is a link provided that will take you to the wiki page for that quest.

You can filter these quests by completion using the tabs at the top of the page, and see the number of quest points available and how many you have, just above the progress bar.


adventurer's log activity.jpg
Adventurer's Log Activity

The activity log shows your last 10 in game events. The details which show here can be chosen through your game settings (see below for details).

The events that can show up are as follows:

Milestones Activities
  • Quest points
  • Music
  • Level-ups
  • Total level
  • Total XP
  • Quests completed
  • Champion's challenges
  • Court cases
  • Holiday events
  • Treasure trails
  • Level-ups
Dungeoneering Items and Monsters
  • Deepest floor
  • Boss kills
  • Spent tokens
  • Found journals
  • Rare item drops
  • NPC kills
  • Found items
  • Caught charm sprites
  • Became Supreme champion
  • Completed Fight Kiln
  • Hunted the Thalassus
  • Built a Dahmaroc statue
  • Dominion Tower Bosses
  • Dominion Tower Floors
  • Castle Wars flag captures
  • Castle Wars matches
  • Artisans Workshop abilities


adventurer's log friends.jpg
Adventurer's Log Friends

The friends part of the Adventurer's Log will show the name and avatar for each of your friends, as well as their online status. You can click their names to bring up their profiles, and the 'Compare Skills' link beneath their names to compare your skills with theirs.

The Adventurer's Log does NOT display recent events for every friend on your friends list. Instead, the Adventurer's Log shows the recent events for your 20 highest-ranked friends in clan chat. If you have more than 20 friends of an equal rank (for example, you may have 30 friends of a 'General' rank) then the most recently added friends are shown.

To make sure a friend's recent events are visible, it is recommended that you:

  • Rank them high up in your clan chat
  • Delete them from your friends list and then add them again, making them your most recently added friend

If you have no ranked friends, or fewer than 10 ranked friends, the Adventurer's Log will show the recent events of your 10 most recently added friends.


The Adventurer's Log allows you to view other player's profiles too. There is a search box in the top-right of the Adventurer's Log where you can type in any player's name and find them with ease. Their profile must be visible for you to access it, however.

If you cannot see another player's Adventurer's Log, then it is likely that they have set their privacy settings to limit the number of people who see their profile. To view another player's Adventurer's Log, they must have their privacy settings set to 'Public', or to 'Friends Only' (as long as you are on their Friends List). Please see question 4 to find out how to set your privacy settings.

It is also possible that the player you are searching for has been banned, has not started playing RuneScape, or they are not currently a member.

When you view another player's log, you will only be able to see their recent events. It is not possible to view anyone else's friends list, or the time they have spent in-game.


To add a chathead avatar (seen in the top-left) and a full-size avatar (seen in the bottom-middle) to your Adventurer's Log, you will need to access the in-game Photo Booth and create them there.

adventurer's log profile settings.jpg
Adventurers Log profile settings

You may not wish for everyone to view your statistics and recent events. Your profile is defaulted to 'Public' but this can be changed through your account settings page. Simply scroll down to the Adventurer's Log profile section, click on this title and you will be able to toggle between 'Public', 'Friends Only' or 'Private':

  • Public - Everyone is able to view your profile. Your recent events will also be visible on other people's Adventurer's Logs.
  • Friends Only - Your profile will only be visible to people on your friends list. Your recent events will no longer appear in other people's Adventurer's Logs.
  • Private - Only you can view your profile and recent events.
adventurer's log settings.jpg
Adventurers Log settings

To adjust your notifications you'll need to log into the game. Go to the 'Gameplay' tab of the Settings interface. From here you will be able to choose which notifications, if any, you wish to display to other players. These settings will not affect what you see for other players unless their settings happen to match your own.

Your recent event details will not update until ten minutes after an event happens. This is the same for other players: you will have to wait ten minutes to view their updated recent events.

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