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Agile top

Members iconAgile top
Agile top inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 0 coins
Low alchemy 0 coins
Destroy Destroy
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death No
Examine It seems to be made of incredibly light, but durable materials.
Weight 0.3 kg in inventory
-12 kg when equipped

The agile top is an item that can be equipped in the torso equipment slot. It provides an armour bonus, but is more commonly equipped for its weight-reducing properties, as it reduces weight by 12kg when equipped.. Once obtained it is also cheap and easy to replace. This means that it is commonly used for Runecrafting through the Abyss and quests, in addition to Agility.

Equipping the item requires level-35 Constitution and Defence. In addition, given that it is obtained by running 250 'perfect' laps of the advanced Barbarian Agility course, players must either have level-90 Agility or be able to achieve this level for each of the laps to complete this course. Summer pies, which temporarily boost Agility by 5 levels, can be used to reach the requirement.

Matching agile legs can be obtained by completing 250 laps of the Advanced version of the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.

Note: The item only has a negative weight when equipped.

Combat Statistics
In Legacy mode, damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down).
Equip: 35 Defence, 35 Constitution
No use requirements
Slot: Class: Type: Level:
Torso slot icon All None 35
Damage: Accuracy: Armour:
0 0 72
Constitution Prayer Strength Ranged Magic
0 0 0 0 0

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