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The Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
The Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Agility is a skill that improves your movement. The advantages of a high Agility level are many: you will be able to access new locations, take quicker routes from place to place, improve your abilities in other skills, run further and recharge your run energy quicker.


As well as allowing you to get through various obstacles, Agility is also used to recover energy spent on running.

The higher your Agility level, the faster your energy will recover, letting you effectively run for longer. Players with very high levels of Agility will find that they can move quickly around Gielinor. The more weight you carry, the faster you will lose energy while running.

You can replenish run energy faster if you take a rest (right-click the run button or status globe and select 'Rest'). This will also increase the rate at which your life points replenish, and will restore both even faster if you do so near one of the musicians scattered around Gielinor.

You can check your run energy by clicking on the 'spanner' icon at the bottom of your player interface or looking at the run energy status globe to the right of your minimap.

By raising your Agility, you can also receive greater rewards from your Fishing, Thieving and Hunter skills. There is a chance of receiving bonus tuna, swordfish and shark when you have a high enough Agility and Fishing level; you'll get double, triple or quadruple loot when Thieving; and the you'll gain the ability to catch butterflies barehanded with Hunter.



If you're looking for tips on your Agility, head to Burthorpe where you'll find the Agilty tutor - Drill Sergeant Hartman. You'll also find a beginners Agility course here - The Burthorpe Agility Course - where newcomers can train their Agility skill.

Livid Farm

Main article: Livid Farm

Livid Farm is an activity that you can take part in to train your Farming skill. But it doesn't just provide benefits for Farming.

Any spell cast in the activity where you do not have the required Magic level will earn you XP in Agility, depending on the task. You can also earn Agility XP by energising Pauline when her energy starts to flag.

Getting Agility Experience

Agility Training Courses

Agility is mostly trained through the use of training courses. Throughout the land of Gielinor there are a wide variety of training courses which range from easy 'no-risk' courses for beginners, up to challenging high-level courses deep in the Wilderness.

To proceed through each course you will simply need to left-click on the obstacle you wish to pass and, if you have the appropriate Agility level, you will attempt to do so, though you may not always succeed.

Some obstacles are hazardous and if you fail them it can cause a loss of life points and prevent you from gaining experience for that attempt. Due to this, it is advised for most courses that you bring some food with you - it is down to you to discover which obstacles are safe or not.

If you choose to follow the course properly, you will gain experience for each obstacle you successfully complete, as well as a bonus upon completion of the lap. Keep in mind some courses lack a bonus for completion.

Course Level Course Level
Agility tutor Burthorpe Agility Course 1 Agility Shortcut Burthorpe Agility Dungeon 1 Agility
gnome course icon.gif Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Members icon 1 Agility pirate hook.gif Brimhaven Agility Arena Members icon 1 Agility
leather boots.gif Werewolf Skullball Members icon 25 Agility golden pyramid.gif Agility Pyramid Members icon 30 Agility
penguin.gif Penguin Agility Course Members icon 30 Agility iron battleaxe.gif Barbarian Outpost Agility Course Members icon 35 Agility
sinister key.gif Yanille Agility Dungeon Members icon 40 Agility monkey.gif Ape Atoll Agility Course Members icon 48 Agility
wilderness course icon.gif Wilderness Agility Course Members icon 52 Agility bandos course icon.gif Bandos's Throne Room Agility Course Members icon 60 Agility
werewolf course icon.gif Werewolf Agility Course Members icon 60 Agility rden2 helm.gif Flash Powder Factory 75 Agility
hefin bow.gif Serenity Posts Members icon 75 Agility crystal tool seed.gif Prifddinas Agility Course Members icon 77 Agility
meter.gif Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Members icon 80 Agility

Advanced Courses Members icon

Those more advanced in the Agility skill will find that the gnomes and barbarians have an extra challenge available in the form of advanced courses. These start part-way through the courses, providing an optional challenge for improved experience, as well as the lure of new clothes to help out with your Agility training.

If you complete 250 'perfect' laps (without failing any of the obstacles) of the Gnome Stronghold advanced course, you will be eligible for Agility legs. Completing 250 perfect laps of the Barbarian advanced course will earn you an Agility top. Speak to one of the gnome trainers or Gunnjorn to claim your reward. Agility legs reduce your weight by 10kg; the Agility top reduces your weight by 12kg. In addition to this, they have some surprising defensive bonuses.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Agile top Members icon 35 Combat 72 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Agile top inventory icon
Agile legs Members icon 35 Combat 72 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Agile legs inventory icon

Agility Shortcuts

Main article: Agility Shortcuts

Gnomes around the world delight at travel, but they simply hate having to walk everywhere. To get around this they developed a series of shortcuts. These are fairly simple to negotiate for most gnomes - fun, even. For humans they often pose more of a challenge. Should they succeed, however, a lot of tedious walking time will be saved.

You'll find these shortcuts spread throughout the world. You'll also find that some areas are only accessible through the use of shortcuts.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (agility).gif
The small, medium Members icon, large Members icon and huge Members icon fallen stars can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.

Training Hints and Tips

  • For members, the best tactic to train Agility is to simply work your way through the courses, in order of difficulty.
  • Members can try playing a game of Gnome Ball with their friends, or racing them around the courses.
  • Members can combine their Agility skill with Herblore by training in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Trade your tickets for herbs, or for extra Agility experience.
  • Members can train their Agility skill alongside Thieving by visiting the Flash Powder Factory.
  • Members can use the surefooted aura, available through the Members Loyalty Programme, to prevent them from failing any agility course obstacles.

Agility Boosts

Agility potion inventory icon
The agility potion and mix will temporarily boost your Agility level by 3.
Stew inventory icon
A yellow spicy stew has a random chance to increase your Agility level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).
Agility cape inventory icon
The Agility cape, Agility cape (t) or Agility master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Agility. Of particular note are the spirit terrorbird, whose special move, 'Tireless Run', boosts your Agility by 2 and restores your run energy and the Abyssal lurker with its special move 'Abyssal Stealth' will boost your Agility by 4.

Useful Items

Surefooted aura inventory icon
The surefooted and greater surefooted auras prevent you from failing obstacles if you are on an agility course for 20 and 40 minutes respectively. They also fully regenerates your run energy.
It is advisable to wear Ikov's boots of lightness (obtained during the Temple of Ikov quest) when planning on running long distances: these will subtract 4 kilograms from your total weight, making your run energy drain at a slower rate.
The papaya fruit Members icon restores 10% energy.
Sq'irkjuice Members icon, available from the Sorceress's Garden, restores 10-40% energy, depending on type of juice.
white fruit.gif
White tree fruit Members icon, on completion of the Garden of Tranquillity quest, restores 16% energy.
Purple sweets Members icon from Treasure Trails restore 20% of run energy per sweet.
energy pot.gif
Energy potions Members icon restore 20% of run energy per dose, up to four doses per potion.
brutal energy.gif
Energy mix Members icon restores 20% of run energy per dose, up to two doses per potion.
summer pie.gif
Summer pie Members icon restores 20% energy +5 to Agility
superenergy pot.gif
Super energy potion Members icon restores 40% of run energy per dose, up to four doses per potion.
brutal energy2.gif
Super energy mix restores 40% of run energy per dose, up to two doses per potion.
explorer s ring.gif
Completing the Lumbridge/Draynor task set rewards you with the Explorer's ring 1. This ring restores 50% of your run energy a number of times per day (depending on the level of the ring).
macro fruit.gif
Acquired from strange plants found to the south-west of Brimhaven (or from the familiar of the same name), strange fruit Members icon restores 60% energy.
Gout tubers Members icon restore 100% energy.
mint cake.gif Mint cake Members icon restores 100% energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Agility make a difference on free servers/worlds?

2. If I don't have the required level, can I use an Agility potion to use the shortcuts?

3. How do I get into the Morytania/Werewolf Agility Arena?

4. When I train at an Agility course, can I do one obstacle again and again, or do I have to complete the lap?

5. I am training my Agility at an Agility course, but I do not get any experience for completing a full lap of the course. Why?

6. How do I increase my running energy?

See Also

Agility Related Skills

The following skills help with the Agility skill:

  • Ranged - Some short cuts and Agility courses require the use of a grapple, which can only be fired from a crossbow.
  • Dungeoneering - It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering; having said that, Agility is one of the less frequently tested skills in Daemonheim. Although your run energy is useful in avoiding difficult foes, you can only gain Agility experience by completing agility skill doors.

Agility Related Quests

For quests that give Agility experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Agility Related Minigames

  • Blast Furnace Members icon - Transporting ores to the furnace will grant Agility xp.
  • Flash Powder Factory Members icon - The obstacles in the factory will provide you with Agility experience.
  • Gnome Ball Members icon - Earn Agility xp by getting the gnomeball into the goal.

Agility Related Distractions & Diversions

Agility Related Equipment

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