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Obelisk of Air

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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items

Members iconObelisk of Air
Obelisk of Air
An obelisk of air...
Area Wilderness
Quest required No

The obelisk of air is located on top of an rocky outcrop in level 9 wilderness. It can only be reached by entering the wilderness section of Dungeon Edgeville dungeon and climbing the ladder north of the black demons.

The obelisk is required to use the spell "Charge Air Orb", along with an unpowered orb, 3 cosmic runes, 30 air runes (staff recommended) and a Magic level of 66. This allows you turn your unpowered orb into an air orb, which can then be applied to a battlestaff to produce an air battlestaff.

Players charging air orbs here for Magic experience or for profit are advised to be on the look out for player killers at all times.

A map showing the location of the Air Obelisk

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