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Al Kharid Palace

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Al Kharid Palace
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Area Al Kharid
Quest required None

The Al Kharid Palace is the southern most and largest building in the city of Al Kharid.

It is notable for having a multi-combat area with low level warriors who are non-agressive but join up to defend each other. It's also home to various quest NPCs such as The Emir (although he is currently in hiding) as well as Hassan and Osman.

Personalities & Citizens

The Emir
Chancellor Hassan
mystery emir.gif
Since his son's kidnapping the Emir has been in no state to directly govern Al Kharid, and he has retreated to his private chambers where only Hassan, the Chancellor, may see him. He has ruled the desert town for many years, and it is his only wish that his son, Prince Ali, might be raised to run the state with the same good hand.
chancellor hassan.gif
Chancellor to the Emir and the financial brains behind Al-Kharid's economy, Hassan likes to keep a close eye on all the affairs of the palace. Since Prince Ali's kidnapping, he has also begun working closely with Osman, the Spymaster.
The Emir can not currently be found as he is in hiding. Chancellor Hassan can be found in the throne room.
Al Kharid Warrior (Level 9)
Few people know anything about Osman, which is a good thing for him because he would be the first target for anyone looking to harm Al Kharid. His latest task is tracking down Prince Ali, and he has not hesitated to send his own daughter to achieve this.

He is also curiously knowledgeable about sq'irks, which someone must surely be interested in.
al kharid warrior.gif
Al Kharid's warriors defend the palace from invaders, but they are quite poor soldiers. This is very probably why Prince Ali was able to be kidnapped from under their very noses.<nr>
They are devoted to the Emir, though, and are no doubt filled with shame at their failure. As the palace is a multicombat zone, they may well band together in defence.
Osman can be found looking shadowy outside the Palace. Al Kharid warriors can be found throughout the Palace.