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Anagogic ort

Members iconAnagogic ort
Anagogic ort inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Low alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Destroy
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death Yes
Examine A magical rock.
Weight 0 kg

An anagogic ort is a small piece of the citadel islands that is used to pay for buffs and healing pertaining to the Clan Avatar. It can be dropped as you go about your daily activities in-game, particularly when skilling or in combat. It also is dropped for clan-mates who are skilling using the skilling plots in a Clan Citadel.

300 Anagogic orts are used to purchase access to a weekly buff and 30 are used to heal a Clan Avatar.

It should be noted that the Anagogic orts can only drop on members worlds and cannot be traded. If a player does not wish to see them dropped at all, they can turn anagogic ort drops off by speaking to the Captain of the Guard in the Clan Camp.

The following activities have a chance to produce anagogic orts:
Combat Combat
  • Drops from most monsters outside Daemonheim
Cooking Cooking
  • Cooking fish
Construction Construction
  • Constructing flatpacks
  • Building on (non-door) hotspots in your house
Crafting Crafting
  • Making gold jewellery
  • Making items from leather or dragonhide
  • Making molten glass
  • Blowing glass items
  • Shaping clay on potter's wheel
  • Spinning items on spinning wheel
Farming Farming
  • Harvesting vegetables
  • Harvesting hops
  • Harvesting herbs
  • Harvesting flowers
  • Harvesting bushes
  • Harvesting fruit trees
  • Planting seeds in patches
  • Planting saplings in patches
Firemaking Firemaking
  • Lighting fires with logs and a tinderbox
  • Creating charcoal at a clan citadel
  • Adding logs to a bonfire
Fishing Fishing
  • Fishing with any net
  • Fishing with any cage
  • Fishing with harpoon (or without)
  • Fishing with any rod
Fletching Fletching
  • Carving unstrung bows
  • Carving crossbow stocks
Herblore Herblore
  • Cleaning herbs
  • Creating unfinished potions
  • Finishing unfinished potions
Hunter Hunter
  • Tracking
  • Checking box traps (including marasamaw plants and imp boxes)
  • Checking deadfall traps
  • Practising falconry
Mining Mining
  • Mining metal ores
  • Mining coal
  • Mining clay
  • Mining stones (granite, limestone, sandstone)
  • Mining coal or gold in the Living Rock Caverns
  • Mining in the Lava Flow Mine
  • Mining Seren stones
  • Mining stone in the clan citadel
Runecrafting Runecrafting
  • Crafting runes at altars
  • Siphoning creatures in the Runespan
  • Siphoning nodes in the Runespan
Smithing Smithing
  • Smelting normal ore into bars
  • Smelting corrupted ore
  • Smithing normal bars into items
  • Casting cannonballs
Thieving Thieving
  • Picking pockets
  • Stealing from stalls
  • Stealing from chests
Woodcutting Woodcutting
  • Cutting any wood
  • Cutting ivy
  • Training at the sawmill
  • Cutting timber in clan citadel

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