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Anagram Clues

This article is about anagram style of clue scrolls. For the full treasure trails guide, see Treasure Trails.
Treasure Trails is a dangerous activity and there is often a possibility of death.


To solve an anagram clue you must rearrange the letters to form the name of a specific NPC, then talk to said NPC. Besides the clue scroll in inventory there are no other required items, though teleports are definitely recommended.

Other types of clue scroll

List of Clues

Warning: Spoilers below
If you do not want to learn about certain game content before experiencing it, do not read below this line.
Reason: Shown below are the answers to 'speak to' clue scrolls, if you wish to work out the answers on your own it it suggested you do not continue reading.

Anagram Answer Location
A Bas Saba In a cave along the path north west of Burthorpe.
A Zen She Zenesha Ardougne market, platebody shop.
Ace Match Elm Cam the Camel Al Kharid, just west of the gates to the Duel Arena. (Note: A camulet isn't required).
Aha Jar Jaraah Duel Arena, around the hospital beds.
An Paint Tonic Captain Ninto In the bar under White Wolf Mountain. Best access is to take the underground stairs from Burthorpe.
Arc O Line Caroline East of Ardougne, location changes depending on your progression of the Sea Slug questline.
Are Col Oracle On top of Ice Mountain.
Arr! So I Am A Crust And Ramara Du Craissant Piscatoris at the forge.
Bail Trims Brimstail Inside the cave in the south of Tree Gnome Stronghold.
By Look Bolkoy Tree Gnome Village, up a ladder.
C No Games Hoc Gnome Coach Tree Gnome Stronghold, roaming around the Gnomeball field.
Dt Run B Brundt the Chieftain Rellekka, in the central building.
Eek Zero Op Zoo Keeper Ardougne Zoo
El Ow Lowe Varrock's archery shop (just west of the east bank)
Err Cure It Recruiter West Ardougne, in the towns centre. (Requires Plague City quest).
Goblin Kern King Bolren Tree Gnome Village, by the Spirit Tree.
Got A Boy Gabooty Tai Bwo Wannai village centre.
Gulag Run Uglug Nar South of Castle Wars, just across the bridge.
Halt Us Luthas Banana Plantation on Karamja.
He Do Pose. It Is Cultrrl Mk? Riki the Sculptors model Keldagrim, in the Sculptors House (east side of Keldagrim).
Icy Fe Fycie Rantz's Cave south of Yanille, east of Gu'Tanoth
I Eat Its Chart, Hints Do U Shirati the Custodian Nardah
I Faffy Run Fairy Nuff Location changes depending on progression of the Fairy quest line. Prior to Fairy Tale 3 she is in the Fairy hideout (get the certificate from her house north of Zanaris bank, then dial air, dlr, djq, ajs on the Fairy Rings. After Fairy Tale 3 she is outside her house just north of the Zanaris bank.
Im Krom Rommik Rimmington, in the crafting shop in the south-west corner of the village
Iz A Ammo Load For Mrs Yakker Moldark, Emissary of Zamorak Edgeville, in the north-east corner of the village
Land Doomd Odd Old Man At the Rag and Bone Man quest start (between Varrock and Paterdomus).
Lark In Dog King Roald Varrock Palace.
Me Am The Calc Cam the Camel Al Kharid, just west of the gates to the Duel Arena. (Note: A camulet isn't required).
Me If Femi Just outside the gates to Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Nod Med Edmond In East Ardougne, north of the castle.
O Birdz A Zany En Pc Captain Izzy No Beard Brimhaven, at the entrance to the Brimhaven Agility Arena.
Ok Co Cook Lumbridge castle kitchen.
Or A Vile Valerio Citharede Abbey, south-east of the entrance playing guitar for several dancers
Or Zinc Fumes Ward Wizard Frumscone Yannille, in the basement of the Wizards Guild.
Profs Lose Wrong Pie Professor Oglewip Wizards Tower, south of Draynor.
Peaty Pert Party Pete Falador, in the Party room (north east corner of Falador).
R Ak Mi Karim Al Kharid, in the kebab store.
Red Art Tans Trader Stan Port Sarim, on the most southern part of the pier. He is part of the Charter Ship crew.
Sequin Dirge Queen Sigrid Her location changes depending on your progression of the Blood Runs Deep quest. Prior to the quest she is in the castle on Etceteria, after the quest she is in the castle on Miscellania.
Snah Hans Lumbridge Castle, constantly circling the castle.
Soy Drain Ysondria Lumbridge Swamp, near The Nexus activity
Them Call Came Cam the Camel Al Kharid, just west of the gates to the Duel Arena. (Note: A camulet isn't required).
Winston Lane Nails Newton Taverley, outside the Pick and Lute tavern

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