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Ancient Cavern

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You must have reached a certain stage in training your Barbarian Training to gain access to the Ancient Cavern.

The Ancient Cavern is an incredibly dangerous place, filled with aggressive and powerful creatures with a taste for the flesh of adventurers. Please only take items with you that you are willing to lose.


caves intro1b.jpg
Fighting a waterfiend inside the Ancient Cavern.

The caves beneath Baxtorian Waterfall are one of the ancient places in RuneScape, and for the lifetimes of many people the barbarians have gone there to do battle with the mightiest foes. The beasts that dwell there should not be taken lightly, and more barbarians have ventured there than have returned.

It is a place filled with the foulest of beasts and the insane spirits of enraged barbarians - those that lost themselves in that place - not to mention the fabled mithril dragons, the barbarians' foe for as long as they have known each other.


accaves location.jpg
Location of the Ancient Cavern

The entrance to the Ancient Cavern can be found in the lake at the top of the Baxtorian Falls, south of the Barbarian Outpost.

The entrance to the cavern is a mystical whirlpool, guarded by the spirits of the lake to prevent the unworthy from entering. In order to earn passage into the caves, you must have reached a certain stage in your training under Otto Godblessed.

If you have earned the respect of the spirits in this way, you will be able to dive into the waters and be safely transported to the entrance. Note that you will have to find your own way out, as the whirlpool cannot be made to spin back upon itself.

Points of Interest

caves features1.jpg
Interesting areas within the Ancient Cavern

The main feature of the Ancient Cavern must be the beasts within it! In such an ancient place the monsters have grown strong and fearless, so it is a foolish adventurer that arrives unprepared. From the tiny-but-evil waterfiends to the massive and destructive mithril dragons, there is no shortage of foes for aspiring heroes.

To reach the mithril dragons it is necessary to find the stairs in the east of the cave. This leads to an upper floor where the mithril dragons rule over all.

To escape the cave, simply find a log in the water that you can ride out of the waterfall to the safety of the lands above. Alternatively, if you have gained permission to use the fairy ring network and have mended the broken fairy ring near the escape logs, you can leave through there.

Red circle
Magenta circle
Blue circle
Mithril door
Cyan circle
Rough-hewn steps
Green circle
Escape logs
Yellow circle
Brutal green dragons and barbarian spirits
Orange circle
Waterfiends and barbarians
Purple circle
Mithril dragons


Kuradal, daughter of Duradel, is a slayer much like her father. Having been taught the ways of Slayer from a young age, she has managed even to surpass her father, and has now set up a Slayer dungeon within one of RuneScape's most dangerous areas.
Kuradal can be found up the rough-hewn steps near the entrance to her dungeon.


There are no quests to start in the Ancient Cavern.

Ancient Foes and Lost Spirits

Barbarians ( Level 120 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
Lost barbarian

Confused barbarian

Many of the barbarians within the cave become lost, or go mad from witnessing the slaughter of their comrades, and it is these that you may encounter there. Their minds long since shattered, you will find that the constant struggle for life has done nothing to weaken their bodies.
Barbarians can be found sheltering in alcoves around the cave.
Skeletons ( Level Varies | Weak to weak to earth.gif )
Heroes Level 106 Thugs Level 122 Brutes Level 126 Heavies Level 128 Warlords Level 130
Skeleton hero
Skeleton thug
Skeleton brute
Skeleton heavy
Skeleton warlord
Those barbarians lucky enough to be slain quickly may yet linger on in confusion. If they were killed by their comrades, their spirits do not depart and instead they return from death eager to avenge themselves.
Skeletons can be found in several places around the cave.
Barbarian spirits ( Level 152 | Weak to weak to air.gif )
Angry Enraged Berserk
Angry barbarian spirit
Enraged barbarian spirit
Berserk barbarian spirit
The truly enraged spirits of dead barbarians continue to seek prey even after their bodies have turned to dust or ash, and spend eternity looking for adventurers to kill as they were themselves slaughtered.
Spirits can be found near the spots where they died.
Waterfiends ( Level 154 | Weak to weak to bolts.gif ) Brutal green dragons ( Level 150 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
Waterfiends are the physical manifestation of the essence of water. Oh yes, and they're terribly evil. Although they are easily the least of the dangers in the cave, they will eagerly hurl arrows made of water at anyone within range making them quite an irritation.
Brutal green dragon
The green dragons that live in the Ancient Cavern are a much older species than their cousins in the Wilderness. They have a heightened intellect which makes them capable of rudimentary spells. In combination with their natural toughness, massive claws, fiery breath and remarkably mean streak, this makes them potent foes. Due to the fiery breath an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield is strongly recommended.
Waterfiends can be found around the underground stream. Brutal green dragons dominate the lower level of the cavern.
Mithril dragons ( Level 160 | Weak to weak to earth.gif )
Mithril dragon
Like other metallic dragons, the mithril dragon is a powerful opponent, and, like the brutal green dragons, the mithril dragon is capable of a few simple spells. They are the most powerful beasts in the cave, and should never be underestimated. Due to their fiery breath an anti-dragon shield or dragonfire shield is strongly recommended.
Mithril dragons can be found on the upper level of the cavern.


  • Mithril dragons are known to drop dragon full helms. As one of the oldest and most powerful breeds of dragon, they are also known to drop draconic visages.
  • The bodies of many slain barbarians can be found littering the floor of the cave. You can search these for loot if you find fighting the monsters too much of challenge. Be warned, though: some of the bodies are not happy to be looted.
  • You may discover that some monsters drop pieces of paper. You can return to Otto Godblessed to get a log book to record whatever information you discover.
  • The broken fairy ring near the escape logs can be fixed with five bittercap mushrooms.
  • The mithril door on the upper level can be opened with a dragonkin key. Inside is the means to stoke the lava forge south of Kuradal, which can be used to re-forge dragon platebodies.

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