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Ape Atoll

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You must have started Monkey Madness to gain access to Ape Atoll. It should also be noted that almost everything on the island will attack you until you learn how to change your appearance to look like a monkey. For this reason, you may find that you need quite a lot of food and potions to keep you alive long enough to figure out how to do this.

ape atoll intro.jpg
The monkeys of Ape Atoll

The monkeys that rule Ape Atoll are a fearsome society who mistrust all non-monkeys arbitrarily. It doesn't matter to them that they are one of the smaller nations of the world, nor does it matter that Awowogei, their ruler, seems to believe himself one of the great rulers of RuneScape - while managing to avoid all contact with other societies.

The island itself is divided in half by sharp ridges that rise up between the jungle and Marim, providing the monkeys with a useful method of keeping their settlement secluded. Any non-monkey attempting to gain access will quickly find themselves peppered with blow darts and arrows, and wake to find themselves imprisoned.


ape atoll location.jpg
Location of Ape Atoll

Ape Atoll lies south of Karamja, which also has a large monkey population, and west of Crash Island. Anyone wishing to travel to Ape Atoll will have to find some way of reaching this isolated spot.

The island can also be reached by casting Ape Atoll Teleport, though this spell is only unlocked once you have rescued Awowogei from the Culinaromancer's clutches in Recipe for Disaster.

Points of Interest

A map of Ape Atoll's points of interest
Points of interest (Ape Atoll and Crash Island)

Of primary interest to the tourist-adventurer is the town of Marim, which, by monkey standards at least, is surely a city. A number of its larger buildings are obviously of ancient design, as must be the overgrown graveyard south of Awowogei's palace.

The island also features a number of caverns underground, which vary between being quite safe and incredibly dangerous, depending on how you are equipped and which vile creatures have decided to make their homes there.

Marim itself is dominated by the massive temple in the east of the city, where Hafuba communes with the monkey god, Marimbo. This temple also continues underground, where a population of hellishly animated zombie monkeys make life difficult for non-monkeys.


Awowogei Hafuba, Head Priest of Marimbo
The king is a particularly arrogant monkey, with little doubt that monkeys are destined to rule RuneScape. Given their numbers across the world, this is distressingly possible and only the usual cultural differences between the breeds will hold this back.
Unlike many of the citizens of Marim, Hafuba is generally quite a pleasant ape with some sound advice for most monkeys. He is a serene individual who has held the post of Head Priest for many years, and will probably continue in this way for many years to come.
Awowogei can be found sitting on his throne in his palace in the east of Marim. Hafuba can be found in his chamber on the first floor of the temple.
Kruk Trefaji and Aberab
Kruk is the chief of Ape Atoll's military, and spends most of his time watching over the gates to the city. He is a powerful monkey with little liking for outsiders, especially the gnomes that have been caught spying around the island.
These two gorillas are closely connected to the criminals in Marim, which is not really surprising as they are the prison guards. They are large and obnoxious, but very good at their job (which mostly involves throwing escaping prisoners back in the cell). They aren't terribly observant, though, even if they do maintain perfectly regular patrols.
Kruk can be found on top of the ridge overlooking the gates to Marim. Trefaji and Aberab can be found patrolling the prison.
Monkey Child Lumdo
monkey kid.gif
The youngest monkey on the island is also probably the least afraid of the unknown. His few short years have given him little fear of the outside world, and given the isolation of the island this is probably set to continue.
Though a member of the elite 10th Squad of the Royal Guard, Lumdo has been left behind to ensure that nothing happens to the crashed gliders. With the arrival of King Narnode Shareen's special envoys, he has been reduced to ferrying adventurers to and from Ape Atoll. He takes it well, all things considered.
The monkey child can be found in his aunt's house, waiting for his uncle to arrive. Lumdo can be found waiting by the boat in the south-east of the island.
Sergeant Garkor Karam
Sergeant Garkor is the head of the 10th Squad of the Royal Guard, and it is his duty to ensure that their missions are successful, whatever it may be and wherever they might go. He is an expert in all forms of warfare, from direct combat to subtle espionage, and anyone looking to infiltrate Marim would be well-advised to speak with him.
Karam is the 10th Squad's expert assassin. He has so completely mastered all the skills of an assassin and a spy that he can move in quite public spaces without the remotest chance of being caught. If anyone knows how to gather information, it is Karam.
Garkor can be found lurking in the shadows and spying on Awowogei. Karam can be found in a variety of locations across Marim, but will only engage in conversation in the shadows behind the temple.


There are no quests to start on Ape Atoll.

Terrors of the Monkey State

Bird (Level 5/11) Snake (Level 24)
Though much of the wildlife of Ape Atoll is quite dangerous, some creatures are both placid and resilient. The most obvious of these are the colourful birds that wing their peaceful way through the jungle canopy, adding some much-needed pleasantness to the landscape.
Snakes are drawn to the warmth and moisture of jungles, so it's no surprise that Ape Atoll has a good few thereabouts. The snakes are quite dangerous, with a nasty venomous bite, so adventurers are best advised to bring some antipoison potions along.
Birds can be found in most areas across Ape Atoll. Note that these are not Hunter birds. Snakes can be found in the jungles of Ape Atoll.
Jungle spider (Level 37) Scorpion (Level 38)
jungle spider.png
The native creatures of Ape Atoll are not as dangerous as the simian inhabitants of Marim, but they are dangerous nonetheless. The jungle spiders won't crunch under your boot, and they won't flee in terror from a flame, but they will try to sink their poisonous fangs into you and carry you away for a later snack.
The scorpions of Ape Atoll are notorious for their viciousness, which is all the more remarkable given their size. For such small creatures they certainly cause wandering humans an awful lot of trouble, notably because they are so small that they are very difficult to spot; the first an adventurer notices is usually a painful sting in their foot, and the slow throb of the poison delivered.
Jungle spiders can be found in the jungles of Ape Atoll. Scorpions can be found in the areas around Marim.
Monkey Archer (Level 86) Monkey Guard (Level 167)
monkey archer.gif
The archers littered around Marim are deadly accurate, and their arrows are tipped with a toxin that renders their victims unconscious in a matter of moments. From their platforms high above ground they remain immune to the more common combat favoured by humans, so archers and mages are more likely to manage to defend themselves against these dangerous foes.
monkey guard.gif
For proof of Hafuba's power, look no further than the quality of guard that he employs. These massive apes are more than capable of ripping the limbs off a human, and they'd love just that opportunity. They have no significant weak spots, but their massive size can make getting to their prey difficult.
Monkey archers can be found throughout Marim and lining the canyon entrance to the city. Monkey guards can be found in the Temple of Marimbo.


  • There are a couple of planks in a hut in the south-west of the island.
  • Daga, the scimitar salesmonkey, sells dragon scimitars to anyone with enough cash.
  • Just south of Marim, near the start of the Ape Atoll Agility Course, is a pineapple plant.
  • From time to time you may need to look like a different type of monkey, so you will need to kill a different monkey for each greegree you wish to make.
  • The rare trees south of Marim are mahogany and teak. If you have completed Deadliest Catch, you will find a deposit box nearby for sending the logs to your bank.

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