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A map of the regions of Gielinor
Asgarnia Ape Atoll Daemonheim Entrana
A strong but politically divided kingdom of central Gielinor. Falador, main holding of the White Knights, is its capital. The island of monkeys, ruled by King Awowogei, to the west of Karamja. The maddening depths. The serene home of a pacifistic order of Saradominist monks. Entrana is known for glassblowing, fishing opportunities and the Law Altar.

Feldip Hills The Fremennik Lands Frozen Wastes Kandarin
An untamed land popular with hunters and slayers, and home to ogres. This harsh tundra is home to the hardy Fremennik: a war-like, maritime people whose trust is hard won. The frozen fortress of Ghorrock looms over this rime-bound plateau, which is home to all manner of frosty foes. A beleaguered state in the west of Gielinor, whose capital of Ardougne is divided by an insidious plague. Also home to the gnomes and their ongoing war with the forces of General Khazard.

Karamja Kharidian Desert Misthalin Morytania
A large, tropical island with dangerous wildlife and home to the jogres. Also a popular stop-off point for pirates. An arid land inhospitable to travellers, but home to the ruins of ancient civilisations, their secrets and their treasures. A powerful kingdom of central Gielinor, ruled by King Roald from the capital city: Varrock. A mist-shrouded land peopled by hapless swamp-dwellers. Home to the werewolves of Canifis and the vampyres of the Sanguinesti Region.

The Pirate Islands Tirannwn Troll Lands The Void Islands
Lawless isles populated by pirates, zombies and... well... zombie pirates. The islands include Mos Le'Harmless, Braindeath Island and Harmony. The unspoiled forest homeland of the elves, divided by factionalism and threatened by outside forces interested in its untapped resources. A mountainous region full of fierce, rocky trolls. An ongoing threat to the people of Burthorpe. An enclave held by the Void Knights: a militant order devoted to Guthix. They strive to bring balance to Gielinor, and to hold back the incoming pest hordes.

Wilderness Wushanko Isles Zanaris
A lasting scar left upon the world by the God Wars. One of the most dangerous areas of Gielinor, as visitors may be attacked by other players. The Eastern Lands archipelago. Populated by humans, sea orphans, sirens and sea monsters and ruled over by several mighty warrior Khans. A strange, magical place and the moon of Gielinor, populated by fairies, offering inhabitants of Gielinor some useful agricultural and transport opportunities.

Other Realms

Gielinor - and Zanaris, her moon - are part of a multiverse of realms or planes. These realms are separated by the Abyss, all of which are found in the The Void. Some of these planes can be accessed via portals, such as the World Gate, and other methods.

Abbinah Cosmic Plane Enchanted Valley Fisher Realm
The homeworld of the aviansie. The homeworld of the Cosmic Being and the only place where star flowers grow. The homeworld of the centaurs and wood dryads. A realm ruled by the Fisher King.

Freneskae Gorak Plane Iaia Infernus
The homeworld of the mahjarrat and other races created by Mah. The homeworld of the goraks. The homeworld of the ilujanka. The homeworld of the demons.

Kethsi Killerwatt Plane Muspell Naragun
The homeworld of the kethsians. The homeworld of the killerwatts. The homeworld of the auspah. The homeworld of the naragi.

New Domina Puro-Puro ScapeRune Tarddiad
The homeworld of the icyene. The homeworld of the implings. An island ruled by Evil Bob. The homeworld of the elves.

Teragard Vampyrium Yu'biusk
The homeworld of the first humans brought to Gielinor. The homeworld of the vampyres. The homeworld of orks, ourgs, goblins and ogres.

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