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Automaton Cave

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Since the death of Cres during The World Wakes quest, the automatons that protected Guthix's Chambers have been left without a master. They have begun attacking anyone who enters the central chamber, and the druids that tend Guthix's shrine are concerned for their safety. The automatons are no pushovers, but adventurers who can defeat them might find some very useful rewards...


Location of Guthix's Chambers
Location of Guthix's Chambers

The Automaton Cave can be accessed via Guthix's Chambers. The chambers are accessed via the excavation located west of the Legends' Guild.

Alternatively, you can use a Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to Guthix's shrine, then either run west until you reach the cave entrance or ask the Guthixian High Druid to teleport you to the central chamber.

Points of Interest

Automaton Cave points of interest
Points of Interest
blue circle.png
green circle.png
Safe area

Cave Inhabitants

Automaton generator ( Level 165 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) Automaton guardian ( Level 165 | Weak to weak to fire.gif )
Automaton generator
The generators were Cres' magical guardians, attacking any who would set foot in Guthix's Chambers from a distance with magic based attacks.
Automaton guardian
The guardians stab and smash invaders with melee based attacks. The can quickly and easily overwhelm any would be attacker if they are in groups.
Automaton tracer ( Level 165 | Weak to weak to crush.gif )
Automaton tracer
The ranged guardians of Guthix's resting place, tracers fire darts of rock at their targets, spearing them from a distance.


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Summoning Charms
Gold charm1.gif Gold charm 1 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
Insect charm1.gif Green charm 1 N/A drop-table-common.gif
Crimson charm1.gif Crimson charm 1 N/A drop-table-common.gif
Blue charm1.gif Blue charm 1 N/A drop-table-common.gif
pneumatic gloves.gif Pneumatic gloves 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
static gloves.gif Static gloves 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
tracking gloves.gif Tracking gloves 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
avantoe seed.gif Avantoe seed 2 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
dwarf weed.gif Dwarf weed seed 1 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
kwuarm seed.gif Kwuarm seed 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
lantadyme seed.gif Lantadyme seed 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
snapdragon seed.gif Snapdragon seed 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
ancient effigy.gif Ancient Effigy 1 N/A drop-table-varies.gif
nrune.gif Nature rune 40 GE Details drop-table-common.gif
[Edit] Drop Table: Rare Herbs N/A N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
[Edit] Drop Table: Rare Jewels N/A N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
earth talisman.gif Earth talisman (noted) 8 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
compost.gif Supercompost (noted) 15 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
adamantite ore 1.gif Adamantite ore (noted) 4 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune bar.gif Rune bar (noted) 1 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
magic logs2.gif Magic logs (noted) 10 GE Details drop-table-uncommon.gif
clue scroll.gif Clue scroll (hard) 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
clue scroll.gif Clue scroll (elite) 1 N/A drop-table-rare.gif
cresbot.gif Cresbot 1 N/A drop-table-very-rare.gif

These items require level 85 Defence.

item-title.gif level-title.gif class-title.gif defend-title.gif attack-title.gif
armour-rating-title.gif prayer-bonus-title.gif life-bonus-title.gif style-title.gif damage-title.gif accuracy-title.gif crit-bonus-title.gif
melee icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
member badge tiny.png Static gloves 85 Magic 108 0 255 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
static gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Tracking gloves 85 Ranged 108 0 255 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
tracking gloves.gif
member badge tiny.png Pneumatic gloves 85 Melee 108 0 255 None 0 0 0% 0% 0%
pneumatic gloves.gif

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