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Bandos's Throne Room Agility Course

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bandos's throne room agility course.jpg
Leaping about in an ancient throne room

The world of Yu'biusk is little more than a cratered waste land, pocked and scarred as only the Big High War God's realm could be. Its seas are bitter and stagnant, and the skies were scorched centuries ago, such that the only light comes from the volcanic rifts opened by the wars of the past millennia.

Somewhere upon this world is Bandos's throne room, of the few surviving structures, where the violent god brooded and plotted his wars, now dry and empty as his followers shattered against each other.

Bandos's throne room is only accessible as a training course after completing The Chosen Commander. You need level 60 Agility, Ranged and Strength to complete the course.


Bandos throne room sphere

You can access Bandos's throne room from almost anywhere in Gielinor as long as you have the appropriate moving-over-distance sphere from Oldak. To get one, bring some molten glass and two law runes to his laboratory in Dorgesh-Kaan.

You can also access the course using the Fairy Rings. The code to access Yu'biusk is BLQ, where you will find that you can use the chest through which Zanik found her way to the throne room.

Points of Interest

bandos's throne room agility course features.jpg
Map of the Agility Course
  • red circle.png Goblin statue
  • orange circle.png Ork statues
  • yellow circle.png Ogre statues
  • green circle.png Ourg statue
  • cyan circle.png Ledge
  • blue circle.png Grapple spear
  • purple circle.png Throne

The course features a number of jumps from statue to statue before reaching the ledge from which you can grapple to the throne. Upon reaching the throne, you can simply jump down.

The other statues scattered about can be brought to life for a bit of combat training, if you like, simply by clicking on them. They range in combat levels, from 50 for the goblin statues through to 200 for the massive ourg statue.


Unlike most Agility courses, there is no bonus for completing a full lap of this course.

Obstacle XP
Agility Ranged Strength
Goblin statue 2 0 0
Ork statues 2 0 0
Ogre statues 2 0 0
Ourg statue 2 0 0
Ledge 2 0 0
Grapple 352 125 125
Throne 0 0 0

A full run of the course will earn you 380 Agility, 125 Ranged and 125 Strength experience.


  • The statues in Bandos's throne room may occasionally drop a granite mace.

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