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Bandos godsword

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member badge tiny.pngBandos godsword
bandos godsword.gif
Tradeable Yes
Lendable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 750,000 coins
Low alchemy 500,000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
GE Price GE:11696 coins
GE History
Today GE:11696
30 Day GE:11696
90 Day GE:11696
180 Day GE:11696
Buy Limit Unknown [Edit]
Protect on Death Unknown [Edit]
Examine A brutally heavy sword.
Weight 10.0 kg

The 'Bandos Godsword' (or 'B.G.S.') is a powerful two-handed Melee weapon, and one of the four godswords. Like all Godswords, it requires a level of 75 attack to wield. Its alliance is to Bandos, the god of war. It has a 1/4 of a chance after every attack to lower the Defence of your target is it has a high enough base-stat. of Defence.

To create the Godsword, the player must have a Bandos hilt, and a completed Godsword blade. The hilt itself is a rare drop from General Graardor in the God Wars Dungeon. Then, they can all be attached, creating the weapon. Additionally, a player can obtain it by buying it from another player or the Grand Exchange.

The Godsword can also be used as protection from Bandos's followers in the God Wars Dungeon.

A Bandos Godsword can be made like all Godswords with the exception of seperate hilts. You will need a level of 80 in Smithing and be a member of Runescape, the B.G.S. is a members-only item. A Godsword is made up of four different parts, you will need the shards that make up the Godsword's blade, they're three different shards of the Godsword's blade, they're purchasebable from the G.E., once you have these shards you use an anvil to combine them together to make the blade. After you've made the blade, you use the hilt of one of the four gods to make the Godsword, the blade is universal to the hilts, but in this case you then combine the blade and the Bandos Hilt together to make the Bandos Godsword.

If you are not buying the parts from the Grand Exchange or from someone else, you can go to the God Wars Dungeon. Here you will need to fight against the monsters that drop the parts for the Godsword, such as the hilt. These are very high in level. You will need to have high levels in Ranged and other skills to use the shortcuts and the paths to the monsters.


Equipment Details
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Special Attack

Has a 1/4 chance after each hit to decrease the targets defence if they are above a certain base-Defence level.


Before the introduction of Chaotic equipment and the re-introduction of free trade and the Wilderness, the Bandos godsword was priced in the middle of 20 millions. However, it was still the cheapest Godsword next to the Zamorak godsword, due to the ease and popularity of killing General Graardor, compared to the other God Wars Dungeon's bosses. When Chaotic equipment was released along with Dungeoneering, the sword experienced a rapid decline in price. As of March, 2012 the Bandos godsword is priced under 3,000,000 and continues to fall in price.

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