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Bank PIN


A Bank PIN is a great security feature that can be used to protect your bank. There is a need to keep our riches safe and sound, therefore the Bank of Gielinor has given each bank account the option of a PIN system. You will have to create one for yourself, preferably the first time you access your bank account.

Setting your Bank PIN

Bank PIN settings interface
Bank PIN settings interface
Bank pin icon

To get to this screen, simply talk to the banker and select "I'd like to check my PIN settings", or press the "Bank Pin" button on the bank interface. The Bank PIN settings screen will provide you with information on the status of your PIN.

You can click on "Set a PIN" to set your PIN for the first time. (Once set this will be replaced by buttons to "Change your PIN" and "Delete your PIN".)

If you want to change how long a PIN recovery takes, click on "Change recovery delay".

It is optional to set a PIN, but it is highly recommended due to the higher risk of your items being lost in case of someone other than yourself gain access to your account without your permission.

Changing your Bank PIN

If you know your Bank PIN but you want to change it, you will be able to set a brand new PIN and will not have to wait for the recovery delay (only if you know the current Bank PIN).

Just simply speak to a Banker, choose "I'd like to check my PIN settings" and then "Change your PIN".

Removing your Bank PIN

If you've forgotten your PIN or need to remove it for any other reason, you can do so by talking to a Banker, clicking "I'd like to check my PIN settings" and then "Delete your PIN". This can take between 3 and 7 days to reset depending on your recovery delay settings.

While you wait for this to reset, you should be able to deposit items into your bank without the need to enter your Bank PIN using a Bank deposit box. These boxes are located in banks and other locations around Gielinor.

You will not be able to withdraw items until the new PIN is fully reset.


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