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Barbarian Fishing

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To start Fishing in the manner of the barbarians, you must have a Fishing level of 48, and Strength and Agility levels of 15. To begin the Barbarian Training speak to Otto Godblessed south of Barbarian Assault.

Heavy Rod Fishing

Fishing with a heavy rod

One of the first tasks Otto Godblessed will set you is to use the rod that he keeps under his bed to catch one of the fish in the lake to the east of his hut. These fish are more difficult to catch than you might expect, as they leap about in the water and use their impressive vigour to fight against the pull of the rod.

Because of the nature of these fish, you will find that you need more than just an angler's cunning, and you will need use the weight of the rod and your reflexes to catch them. In this way, fishing with the heavy rod will earn experience in Fishing, Strength and Agility.

You will need to use bait to catch the fish in the lake, and you may use any of the following:
fishing bait.gif
Fishing bait
fish parts.gif
Fish offcuts

If you lose the heavy rod you need to catch these fish, you can find another by searching Otto's bed. Fishing spots for the fish below can only be found in the lake next to Otto's hut.

Fish Fishing Level
Other Levels Required Fishing Experience Strength & Agility Experience

Leaping trout
48 Fishing 15 Strength 15 Agility 50 5

Leaping salmon
58 Fishing 30 Strength 30 Agility 70 6

Leaping sturgeon
70 Fishing 45 Strength 45 Agility 80 7

fish parts.gif

Once you have caught one of these fish, you can use a knife on them to cut out the roe or caviar and to get fish parts. Fish parts can only be used as bait, but as it is stackable, it is a good way to carry on Fishing without having to worry about running out of bait. You will receive 10 Cooking experience for gutting a fish.


Roe and caviar can be used to enhance potions, which Otto will teach you to do.

Fishing Without a Harpoon

Fishing without a harpoon

One of the more impressive feats barbarians have learnt is the ability to use their own arm as bait for larger fish, and then using that same arm to wrestle the fish out of the water. It takes a bold fisher to thrash their arm about, waiting for a shark to come close...

Fish Fishing Level
Strength Level
Fishing Experience Strength Experience
Raw tuna
55 Fishing 35 Strength 80 8
Raw swordfish
70 Fishing 50 Strength 100 10
Raw shark
96 Fishing 76 Strength 110 11

  • Hand fishing has the possibility of catching two fish at once that gives you the same experience as catching one
  • Using Swordfish and Shark gloves from the Fist of Guthix minigame still gives double experience for hand fishing
  • If you have the stats, have the required items in your tool belt, and are a member then your character will use the hand fishing method instead of the item in the tool belt. e.g. If you have a harpoon in your tool belt and 35 Strength, you will hand fish tuna instead of using a harpoon.

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