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Barbarian Village

Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village)
Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village)
Barbarian Village is, not surprisingly, a village of barbarians
Area Misthalin
Quest required No

Gunnarsgrunn (or Gunnar's Ground), known to outsiders as the Barbarian Village is either, depending on who you talk to, a temporary encampment on the frontlines of an ongoing war, or a ramshackle village with delusions that they are poised for a final battle. The land was first occupied centuries ago by a powerful ancestor of the chieftain.

There is a considerable difference between the common opinion of barbarians, and their opinion of themselves. While a Varrockian will paint them as thuggish and brainless, the barbarians will foreground their ancestral pride, their strength and their suspicion of outer-landers.

The village looks quite quaint from the outside: the walls are made from tree trunks, the houses all have thatched roofs, the animals in the forest to the west of the village sometimes wander about inside the walls.

The village is also obviously well defended. Every adult barbarian is a skilled fighter, and there are few groups that would even consider trying to take their land from them.


barbarian village location.jpg
Barbarian Village location

The village is among the most western of Misthalin's settlements - though the barbarians certainly do not consider themselves citizens of that or any other nation. Indeed it's location puts it at the crossroads of varying cultures.

To the east is Varrock, where King Roald lives in his palace - Varrock is a bustling metropolis, far removed from the simple culture and traditional ways of the Barbarians. To the north is Edgeville, a town literally on the edge of danger. Just short of the Wilderness, Edgeville is a town favoured by adventurers who lust for the blood of other adventurers as well as an entry point from the monsters that lurk beyond Misthalin's borders.

To the south is the dark and haunted Draynor Manor - a large building home to solitary Vampyre who has made his way across the River Salve to inhabit the building. Meanwhile to the south-west is white-stoned Falador, a place of nobility and order - ruled by the White Knights - an order of Saradomin that is standing in for King Vallance to run Asgarnia following the King's disappearance.

Points of Interest

Stronghold of Player Safety Stronghold of Security
Keep safe while playing the game. Learn about security while playing.
barbarian village features.jpg
Barbarian village's points of interest

Barbarian Village is a curious beast of a settlement: there are few shops, but there is still much to do.

In the centre of the village is a mine with tin and coal Mining site, and in the centre of this is a pit Dungeon that leads to a strange place known only as the Stronghold of Security.

West of the encampment is a set of mysterious ruins, which the wise will know to be the Body Altar Runecrafting altar.

The village also boasts a spinning wheel Spinning wheel, Tassie Slipcast's potter's wheels and pottery oven Pottery wheel, as well as a clay mine of 5 rocks to the south Mining site, which are useful for anyone interested in Crafting. Members versed in the ways of Barbarian Smithing will find the anvil Anvil in Tassie's building useful for making spears and hastae.

The longhall Pub / bar is the social centre of the village, and any number of the settlement's warriors may be found there drinking and challenging strangers at all times of day.


Chieftain Gunthor Hunding
gunthor the brave1.gif
Gunthor is the village's chieftain, descendant of great Gunnar who founded the encampment. Gunthor is a powerful warrior by the barbarians' standards, and entirely suited to his job. He spends most of his time in the longhall, abusing outlanders and demanding their respect.
Hunding watches over the gates of the village from the tower outside. With his bow he picks off raiders of all types, and warns adventurers not to expect a warm welcome from the barbarians. He also keeps the barbarian history, which he is happy to explain to anyone that shows proper respect.
Chieftain Gunthor can be found in the longhall. Hunding can be found on the balcony of the tower, to the east of the village.
Gudrun Dororan
Gudrun, daughter of Gunthor, is all too aware of Gunnarsgrunn's history. While young, she had the stories of Gunnar told to her every day by her father; now, she cannot leave the village without questions being asked about whether her actions are in keeping with Gunnar's memory. It would be fair to assume that Gudrun does not share her father's opinions of their heritage.
Dororan is exceptional for a dwarf. He's not particularly skilled at the forge; he'd rather spend an evening with a quill and paper than a seam of ore; and he's been smitten by the fair Gudrun, a barbarian maiden who is twice his size and the daughter of a chieftain. The course of true love never did run smooth, and this is none more true than for poor Dororan.
Gudrun can be found in the centre of the barbarian village (unless you have completed Gunnar's Ground). Dororan is heavy with the burdens of unrequited love, and can be found at the eastern entrance of the barbarian village (unless you have completed Gunnar's Ground).
Haakon the Champion
haakon the champion.gif
Every barbarian village, town or city has a Haakon: a hulking champion who is willing to die for their chieftain, and who has unresolved issues that a good fight can temporarily resolve. Needless to say, if you're bored, Haakon will offer to cross swords with you. Mind, though: his sword is very, very big.
Haakon the Champion is drinking mead and looking mean in the longhall, in the north of the barbarian village.


Honourable Foes

Barbarian (Level 40, 44) Unicorn (Level 15)
All of the people of the village are trained to fight, and this makes the village a dangerous prospect for anyone thinking of invading. They are skilled with mighty swords, massive axes and arrows that cut the air itself. The barbarians will rush to each other's aid, making them especially difficult foes for young adventurers.
Unicorns are magical creatures and quite placid. They tend to live in areas that are peaceful and not dirtied by human industry, which means they are very rarely near cities. They can be dangerous to young adventurers, but they are never aggressive.
Barbarians, obviously, can be found throughout the barbarian village. Unicorns can be found north of the village.


  • If you are hungry or thirsty when you arrive, head for the longhall where cooked meat and beer merrily respawns.
  • There is a bronze pickaxe spawn point on a table next to the spinning wheel.
  • If you have spent some time by the river and wish to cook your catch, there are two fires in the longhall that never go out.
  • Another erverlasting fire and a pot respawn can be found in the building housing Peksa's Helmet Shop Helmet shop
  • Because of the number of obstacles in the barbarian village, it can be a good place to train with missile weapons.
  • There is a canoe-building site Transportation south-east of the village where Sigurd will show outlanders how to build their own canoes from trees nearby.
  • The village has everything you need to practice lower level pottery. A clay mining site can be found to the south of the village and the village itself has a well (a water source for softening the clay) Water source, potter's wheels and a pottery oven.

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