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Barberry bush

Members iconBarberry bush
barberry bush.gif
Members Yes
Farming Level 77 Farming
Patch Bush
Growth Stages 5
Growth Time 3h 20m
Seed barberry seed.gif
Barberry seed
Planting XP 175
Check XP 1600
Produce No
Harvest XP 50
Compost No
Water No
Gardener Payment hammerstone hops.gif
15 x Hammerstone hops Members icon
Flowers No
Protect No

The barberry bush plant grows as a very spiky bush that is quite tall and has the fruits arrayed on top, protected by the bulk of the plant.

The plant is grown at level 77 Farming from a barberry seed in a bush patch for 175 Farming XP. It does not require compost to be added to the soil, nor does it require watering.

After 5 growth stages totaling 3 hours and 20 minutes growth time (approximately) it will require its health to be checked, granting 1600 Farming XP.

It can be harvested for 50 Farming XP using your Agility skill to vault over the plant. If this is successful, you will grab fruit on the way, eating it as you land. The fruit will give you Agility XP (dependent on your Agility level).

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