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Barrel room

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A barrel room is an unofficially named Dungeoneering room which, as its name implies, is filled with large, pushable barrels, which block the players' path. In the centre of the room is a wall with four nozzles, a pressure plate, and a broken barrel; behind the wall a set of broken barrel bits will be lying on the ground. When players enter the room, a bar will appear on the top of their screen indicating how full the barrel in the room is. To solve this puzzle and open the doors in the room players must:

  1. Use their Strength to push the barrels in the room out of the way, until they can retrieve the barrel bits.
  2. Repair the broken barrel in the middle of the room using their Construction skill and the barrel bits.
  3. Push or pull the repaired barrel to the pipe on the wall that has water flowing out of it (this is indicated by the pipe turning blue) until the barrel is completely full.
  4. Push the full barrel onto the pressure plate to open the doors.

This room is very slow; if possible, a single player or a pair of players should complete it while the rest of the team explores elsewhere.

Any keys in this room will be found near the entrance to the room, or close to the barrel pieces.

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