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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items
worldmap globe.gif The official world to play Barrows is 15. worldmap globe.gif


barrows intro.jpg
Raiding the tomb

East of Mort'ton lies the Barrows, the tombs of ancient warriors. Will you be able to find their hidden lairs or the dungeon rumoured to have a portal to the shadow realm inside?

With seven brothers, there's sure to be something of value; you might even find some parts of the sought-after Barrows armour sets or the material needed to create the malevolent armour set.

Whatever your intentions when approaching the barrows, be wary, for the dead don't take kindly to having their tombs disturbed...


There are no requirements to enter the Barrows, however, in order to reach the Barrows, players must travel to Morytania and so will need to be able to defeat ghasts. Combat levels of above 70 are recommended for this fight, although this requirement may increase depending on your strategy.

If you wish to fight the brothers in Sliske's Shadow Realm, you'll need a barrows totem. Combat levels of above 90 are recommended for the Shadow Realm fight.

Getting There

barrows location.jpg
Barrows location

The simplest way of reaching the Barrows is to teleport using Drakan's medallion. However, players who do not have this item can access the Barrows in a number of other ways:

Players who have completed In Search of the Myreque have access to a shortcut from Canifis. From Canifis go behind the Dog and Hair pub, and enter the trapdoor. Here players can pass through the hidden door on the south wall, and follow the cave (which can also be accessed using Fairy ring DLS) to a set of doors, which lead to The Hollows, a ghast infested area. From here players should run south and cross the bridge they repaired during the quest, and then south to the Swampy Boat, bringing them to Mort'ton next to the Barrows bridge. This route is shown in purple.

From Canifis players may run west and enter the ghast infested Mort Myre Swamp. Players should run south as fast as possible, passing the Nature Grotto (where players who have completed the Nature Spirit quest may restore their prayer to 20 points above their normal level), and to the winding path. This path eventually leads to Mort'ton, where players can cross the eastern bridge to the Barrows. This route is shown in yellow.

Players with a companion total level of 500+ in the Temple Trekking activity can use a Games necklace to teleport to Burgh de Rott. From here players can run north to Mort'ton and cross the bridge to the Barrows.

Players who have completed the quest "Branches of Darkmeyer" may use Drakan's medallion for essentially unlimited teleports to Barrows. While the medallion only has ten charges, one of its teleport destinations place the player directly by where you recharge it. If you are in Morytania and use the medallion, it will not use a charge.


Strange Old Man
strange old man chat.gif
Only one 'personality' survives near the Barrows. The Strange Old Man is a perfectly good name, for there is little normal about this man who lives above the dead. He now retains little - even his sanity has seeped into the surroundings - but he wields a double-headed scythe viciously at the ground while telling all to DIG!

The Brothers

Ahrim the Blighted Dharok the Wretched
Normal Shadow
Ahrim the Blighted
Ahrim the Blighted (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
Ahrim is the leader of this group of brothers and is the oldest of the seven. He is a magic user and can drain a player's Strength in combat.
Normal Shadow
Dharok the Wretched
Dharok the Wretched (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
The second oldest of the brothers, Dharok is a capable warrior. His attacks are slow but he can hit much harder when his health is low.
Guthan the Infested Karil the Tainted
Normal Shadow
Guthan the Infested
Guthan the Infested (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to air.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
Guthan is another of the melee brothers and is the third oldest of the group. While at some points other brothers cause more damage or weaken the player, Guthan will instead heal himself.
Normal Shadow
Karil the Tainted
Karil the Tainted (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to stab.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
A deadly sharp shooter and the fourth oldest brother, Karil can weaken a player's Magic, and therefore their ability to cast spells, if left unchecked.
Torag the Corrupted Verac the Defiled
Normal Shadow
Torag the Corrupted
Torag the Corrupted (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
Another melee brother, Torag and his twin hammers can corrupt you by taking away some of your adrenaline. Torag is the third youngest of the brothers.
Normal Shadow
Verac the Defiled
Verac the Defiled (shadow form)
( Level 150 | Weak to weak to earth.gif ) ( Level 240 | No weakness )
Second youngest of the seven brothers and another melee fighter, Verac uses his flail with maximum potency, sometimes cutting through the protective barriers of his foes.
Akrisae the Doomed
Akrisae the Doomed
( Level 115 | Weak to weak to bolts.gif )
The youngest of the brothers, Akrisae can only be fought if you have completed the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. He is a magic user but will also use protection prayers.

The Barrows

barrows points1b.jpg
Locations of the brothers

The map to the right shows the location of each brother. Each barrow is basically a small hill or mound on the ground. When you stand on one and dig with your spade you will fall into that brother's crypt.

Inside the crypt, make your moves quickly, as your prayer points will drain with time.

Before you search the tomb, it is suggested you ready yourself. If using Magic, set up your autocasting and turn the appropriate Prayer on. Searching the tomb will spawn the brother. Deal with the brother in your chosen way and when he is dead, leave via the stairs. You will reappear above the tomb where you have just fought.

Continue this for all the brothers. Information about how to defeat the brothers can be found in the strategy guide. When you are going round the tombs, one of the tombs will not contain a brother, but a tunnel deeper into the crypts. This tunnel entrance is in a random brothers tomb and generally should be entered last to maximize your chances.

The Crypts

When all the brothers in their tombs are defeated, you no doubt will have found one of the barrows contains a tunnel. It is now time to enter that tunnel and take on the missing brother (the one whose tomb contains the tunnel).

barrows map.jpg
A map of the tomb
orange circle.png
magenta circle.png
Crypt rats
cyan circle.png
Crypt spiders
yellow circle.png
red circle.png
Puzzle doors
green circle.png

Climbing down, beware of mid-to-high level monsters which will continually attack and slow you down. The doors that you can open in each room are random, so try to get your bearings as soon as possible. There are nine rooms (think of it as a 3 x 3 grid), so you will be in one of the outside rooms. The central room contains the chest and ultimately the reward. The chest room has four entrance doors to it, one from the North, one from the South, one from the East and one from the West. Only one of these doors will have the option 'open' for you, so try to locate it as soon as possible.

When you have found the door, you will be presented with one of four different puzzles. Simply look at the patterns and pick the shape that comes next. Beware, even if you know the answer to some puzzles, the order of them may be different, so click carefully!

If you get the puzzle door wrong, the doors will rearrange, You will then need to go around the outer areas to find your new puzzle door.

If you are successful, you can now walk through that door and head towards the chest. If your final brother has not spawned, get ready for your fight, as he will either come soon, or will when you open the chest. Dispose of this final brother in your chosen way, then search the chest for your reward.


When you are in the tombs and crypt, a 'kill count' will appear on the screen. This is for your knowledge, so you can keep track of any brothers or monsters you have killed. Ultimately, you want the kill count to include the seven brothers. If you have killed the 7 brothers you stand the best chance of receiving a Barrows item from the chest.

Further to this, please note that the more brothers you kill, the more you will be 'haunted'. As you continue to spend time in the tombs and crypts, you will see the ghostly faces of brothers that you have killed. When these appear, your prayer points are drained by a considerable amount. Hence, the more Barrows brothers that you have killed, the more faces will appear and the quicker your prayer points will go to zero.

If you have chosen not to kill the brothers in the tombs and head directly for the chest, be warned; the brothers that you have not killed may randomly spawn in the crypt area.


  • For a faster method of transportation between Canifis and The Barrows, you can complete the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer to receive Drakan's Medallion which can be used to teleport across Morytania.
  • To save prayer points as a strategy for certain set-ups, it is recommended that you raid The Barrows in the following order; Dharok, Ahrim, Karil, Verac, Akrisae (if Ritual of the Mahjarrat is complete), Torag (skip if you kill Akrisae) and finally Guthan. This saves prayer points as you only really need to pray on Dharok, Ahrim and Karil!
  • If, after you retrieve your loot, you can retrace your steps back to the rope you enter the tomb in then you can go up the rope and do more Barrows runs. You do not have to teleport after you retrieve your loot.
  • An effective method is to use Ice spells from the Ancient Spellbook. Death/Blood runes are received so often that you'll actually gain runes, and as water runes are fairly cheap, your rune costs are fairly low. This method also allows for the Kharyrll Teleport, which will take you to Canifis. Provided you have already done the God Statues D&D for that month, you have a very convenient altar near a bank. You can then either use the Myreque tunnels or Drakan's Medallion to return to the barrows.
  • If using the Ancient Spellbook, it is recommended to kill Akrisae first, since you can freeze him in place and run away until his prayer weakens and your attacks once again hit. Here, you can either use the Soul Split curse, or use the Rejuvenation or Guthix's Blessing abilities to heal if he should manage to get close enough to hit you. The next two suggested kills are Karil and Ahrim, as the rest of the brothers can safely be attacked at a distance.
  • Killing more creatures does not affect your chance at getting a Barrows armour piece, but it does affect some of the other drops.
  • It is recommended to turn auto retaliate off when you traverse the tomb. This ensures that you will not accidentally kill a creature if you do not wish to or that you do not waste tar/runes for your magic attacks.

Shadow Realm Dungeon

With the return of the gods to Gielinor, Sliske has been causing mischief and chaos. To further this he has decided to introduce even more chaos to the mix and has ripped an entrance to the shadow realm inside of a dungeon where he has been experimenting with new and improved barrows brothers.

But the brothers are not the only dangers in this dungeon, defeat the brothers and you'll need to escape as Sliske's defence mechanisms kick in and the dungeon begins to fold in on itself.

The entrance to this dungeon - and the portal to the shadow realm within it - is through a well to the north-west of the barrows. You'll need a barrows totem to access it.

barrows shadow realm map.jpg
A map of the shadow realm *

Clicking on the well to jump in it will allow you several choices:

  • Start a custom session - For players wanting to set up an instanced battle (see Instanced Boss Battles).
  • Join an existing session - For players wanting to join an existing instanced battle (this only shows up if applicable). You'll be asked to enter the name of the player who is hosting the battle. If an entry key (or password) was set, you'll be asked for this too.
  • Rejoin my previous battle - For players who were in a battle already and wish to rejoin it (this only shows up if applicable).

When you have entered a battle, you will emerge at the entrance red circle.png area. Make your way around to the team entrances cyan circle.png and split your group as your tactics dictate. You'll need to open these doors at the same time. Once you've gone through to the main room, barriers magenta circle.png will prevent you from returning until you have defeated all of the brothers.

In the center of the room will be a shadow portal blue circle.png through which the brothers will emerge.

* This map is randomly generated each time you start a new fight - only the start and end of the map remain constant.

The Fight

shadow portal.jpg
The shadow portal

On each side of the shadow portal, three brothers will appear. What three brothers are on which side will change depending on a number of factors.

Upon interacting with the shadow portal the encounter will begin.

Note that if there are no players on one side of the portal, the brothers on that side will switch to the other side and the brothers will become harder.

When a brother dies, the area will become unstable, healing every remaining brother for 5% of their maximum life points. At this point you will need to kill another brother or the first will be rejuvenated by the shadow portal. This occurs each time a brother is killed so you'll need to kill them all in quick succession.

During the fight you may find yourself teleported to the shadow realm. Only one brother can perform this attack and which brother it is will be randomly chosen at the beginning of the fight - they will announce this by saying "This ends... with me". When the brother reaches a certain amount of life points (randomly decided at the beginning of the fight) they will perform the attack, sucking everyone into the shadow realm where the brothers will have a 100% chance to hit and their special attacks will deal more damage. You will remain in the shadow realm until all 6 brothers have been defeated. Previously the shadow realm could be escaped by luring the brothers into pits to destroy them.

Once all six barrows brothers have been defeated you'll be able to claim your reward from the chest. Once you have done so you'll need to quickly make your way back through the tunnels to the exit. Be quick, and be careful - there are several environmental traps that lie in wait for you.


barrows chest.jpg
The Barrows Chest

Main article: Barrows/Rewards

Both the normal Barrows rewards and the empowered Barrows rewards are contained in a chest. To open the chest and see your rewards, simply click on it.

The rewards from the Barrows range from runes to armour and killing more of the brothers and the monsters found within the crypt will increase your chances of a better drop. For those who have completed the hard Morytania Achievements, some items will drop in larger amounts. Wearing a ring of wealth will also give a chance to drop some potions and food. Increased drops and the ring of wealth rewards are not available for the empowered Barrows chest.

When you are done with the chest, you can either leave via re-locating where you came into the crypt, climbing out of the tomb, or simply teleporting out and walking back. For the shadow crypt you must escape through the winding tunnels that lead you to the fight, you cannot teleport out.

Development History

  • Barrows was released on May 9th, 2005.
  • With the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat, released on September 14th, 2011, an additional Barrows spirit was added, Akrisae the Doomed
  • In January of 2012 the Barrows and the armour sets received a graphics overhaul (previously announced both in the Behind the Scenes and at RuneFest 2011). In addition for one week, the rewards were doubled and the draconic visage was temporarily added as a bonus drop.
  • On November 13th 2013 the Barrows received an additional area where the brothers could be fought at the same time.

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Graham B
Graphics Team
Graphics: Joe R, Tom W
Quality Assurance Team
QA: Danny G
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T
Graphical Rework
Content Team
Developer: Tim C
Graphics Team
Environments: (Project Lead:James L)
Quality Assurance Team
QA: (Project Lead:Ian 'Chief' H) Alistair H, Adam H
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T
Barrows - Rise of the Six
Content Team
Developer: (Project Lead:Chris L) Tim N, James C
Design: Chris L, Timothy D
Design Review: Tim F
Graphics Team
Environments: Jane V, Alex R
Characters: Tim T, Zoltan H
Animation: Hing C, David C
Quality Assurance Team
QA: (Project Lead:Daniel H) Andrew Y, Christina S, Gareth W, Philip W, Ryan P
Audio Team
Audio: Adam B


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