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Combat Spells

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One of the uses of of Magic in Gielinor is to smite your foes from afar. To this end, mages have developed a number of delightful spells designed to hurl various magical energies at their enemies.

Unlike other spells, battle spells will not always succeed. Your ability to cast spells of this type is judged through a combination of your Magic skill and your Magic attack bonuses (these depend on what you are wearing).

Certain items (such as rune platebodies) will lower your magical attack bonus and therefore your chance of successfully casting this type of spell is also decreased.

It should also be noted that the amount of experience listed in the tables below is merely the base number of points you receive upon successfully casting any listed spell. You will gain additional experience (and not just in Magic) once your spell has actually damaged its target.

To start or leave a fight, you may need to trap your opponent on the spot, or use your magical skill to affect their combat related levels, all in an effort to gain the upper hand. To do this, view the below table for a list of hexes and holding spells.

Standard Spellbook

Spell Base Damage Base XP Needs
Skill & Quests Items
wind strike1.gif
Air Strike 48 5.5 None arune.gif x1
Confuse None 13 3 Magic mrune.gif x1
water strike1.gif
Water Strike 48 7.5 5 Magic arune.gif x1 wrune.gif x1
earth strike1.gif
Earth Strike 86 9.5 9 Magic arune.gif x1 erune.gif x1
Weaken None 21 11 Magic brune.gif x1
fire strike1.gif
Fire Strike 125 11.5 13 Magic frune.gif x1 arune.gif x1
wind bolt1.gif
Air Bolt 163 13.5 17 Magic arune.gif x2
Curse None 29 19 Magic chrune.gif x1
Bind None 30 20 Magic nrune.gif x1
water bolt1.gif
Water Bolt 221 16.5 23 Magic arune.gif x2 wrune.gif x2
earth bolt1.gif
Earth Bolt 278 19.5 29 Magic arune.gif x2 erune.gif x2
fire bolt1.gif
Fire Bolt 336 21.5 35 Magic frune.gif x2 arune.gif x2
wind blast1.gif
Air Blast 394 25.5 41 Magic arune.gif x3
water blast1.gif
Water Blast 451 28.5 47 Magic arune.gif x3 wrune.gif x3
Snare None 60 50 Magic nrune.gif x2
magic dart1.gif
Slayer Dart Members icon 480 30 50 Magic arune.gif x3 drune.gif x1 slayerstaff.gif x1
earth blast1.gif
Earth Blast 509 31.5 53 Magic arune.gif x3 erune.gif x3
fire blast1.gif
Fire Blast 566 34.5 59 Magic frune.gif x3 arune.gif x3
divine storm.gif
Divine Storm Members icon % 576 61 60 Magic arune.gif x5
wind wave1.gif
Air Wave 595 36 62 Magic arune.gif x4
water wave1.gif
Water Wave 624 37.5 65 Magic arune.gif x4 wrune.gif x4
Vulnerability Members icon None 76 66 Magic chrune.gif x1 srune.gif x1
earth wave1.gif
Earth Wave 672 40 70 Magic arune.gif x4 erune.gif x4
Enfeeble Members icon None 83 73 Magic brune.gif x1 srune.gif x1
fire wave1.gif
Fire Wave 720 42.5 75 Magic frune.gif x4 arune.gif x4
storm of armadyl.gif
Storm of Armadyl Members icon * 739 70 77 Magic armadylrune.gif x1
Entangle Members icon None 89 79 Magic nrune.gif x3
Stagger Members icon None 90 80 Magic mrune.gif x1 srune.gif x1
polypore strike.gif
Polypore Strike Members icon 786 80 Magic polypore staff.gif x1
wind surge.gif
Air Surge 768 75 81 Magic arune.gif x5
teleport block1.gif
Teleport Block None 80 85 Magic lrune.gif x1 chrune.gif x1 drune.gif x1
water surge.gif
Water Surge 768 80 85 Magic arune.gif x5 wrune.gif x5
earth surge.gif
Earth Surge 768 85 90 Magic arune.gif x5 erune.gif x5
fire surge.gif
Fire Surge 768 90 95 Magic frune.gif x5 arune.gif x5

Ancient Spellbook

Spell Base Damage Base XP Needs
Skill & Quests Items
Smoke Rush Members icon 480 30 50 Magic arune.gif x3 drune.gif x1
Shadow Rush Members icon 499 31 52 Magic erune.gif x3 drune.gif x1
Blood Rush Members icon 538 33 56 Magic frune.gif x3 drune.gif x1
Ice Rush Members icon 557 34 58 Magic wrune.gif x3 drune.gif x1
Smoke Burst Members icon 595 36 62 Magic arune.gif x4 drune.gif x2
Shadow Burst Members icon 614 37 64 Magic erune.gif x4 drune.gif x2
Blood Burst Members icon 653 39 68 Magic frune.gif x4 drune.gif x2
Ice Burst Members icon 672 40 70 Magic wrune.gif x4 drune.gif x2
Smoke Blitz Members icon 710 42 74 Magic arune.gif x5 blrune.gif x1
Shadow Blitz Members icon 730 43 76 Magic erune.gif x5 blrune.gif x1
Blood Blitz Members icon 786 45 80 Magic frune.gif x5 blrune.gif x1
Ice Blitz Members icon 786 45 82 Magic wrune.gif x5 blrune.gif x1
Smoke Barrage Members icon 786 48 86 Magic arune.gif x5 blrune.gif x2
Shadow Barrage Members icon 786 48 88 Magic erune.gif x5 blrune.gif x2
Blood Barrage Members icon 786 51 92 Magic frune.gif x5 blrune.gif x2
Ice Barrage Members icon 786 52 94 Magic wrune.gif x5 blrune.gif x2

Lunar Spellbook

Spell Base Damage Base XP Needs
Skill & Quests Items
monster examine1.gif
Monster Examine None 61 66 Magic mrune.gif x1 crune.gif x1 astral rune.gif x1
cure other1.gif
Cure Other None 65 68 Magic erune.gif x10 astral rune.gif x1
cure me1.gif
Cure Me None 69 71 Magic crune.gif x2 astral rune.gif x2
cure group1.gif
Cure Group None 74 74 Magic crune.gif x2 astral rune.gif x2
stat spy1.gif
Stat Spy None 76 75 Magic brune.gif x5 crune.gif x2 astral rune.gif x2
disruption shield.gif
Disruption Shield None 97 90 Magic brune.gif x10 astral rune.gif x3 blrune.gif x3
heal other1a.gif
Heal Other None 101 92 Magic lrune.gif x3 astral rune.gif x3 blrune.gif x1
vengeance other1.gif
Vengeance Other Members icon None 108 93 Magic erune.gif x10 drune.gif x3 astral rune.gif x3
Vengeance Members icon None 112 94 Magic erune.gif x10 drune.gif x2 astral rune.gif x4
vengeance group.gif
Vengeance Group Members icon None 120 95 Magic erune.gif x11 drune.gif x3 astral rune.gif x4
heal group1a.gif
Heal Group None 124 95 Magic lrune.gif x3 astral rune.gif x4 blrune.gif x2

Dungeoneering Spellbook

The following spells are available in the Dungeoneering Spellbook:

  • Standard spells
    • Air Strike
    • Confuse
    • Water Strike
    • Earth Strike
    • Weaken
    • Fire Strike
    • Air Bolt
    • Curse
    • Bind
    • Water Bolt
    • Earth Bolt
    • Fire Bolt
    • Air Blast
    • Water Blast
    • Snare
    • Earth Blast
    • Fire Blast
    • Air Wave
    • Vulnerability
    • Earth Wave
    • Enfeeble
    • Fire Wave
    • Entangle
    • Stagger
    • Air Surge
    • Water Surge
    • Earth Surge
    • Fire Surge
  • Lunar spells
    • Monster Examine
    • Vengeance Other
    • Vengeance
    • Vengeance Group


& Cannot be used in PvP combat nor against Familiars/Clan Avatars.

* Requires the completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat to cast. Can temporarily lower an opponent's Defence level by 1 (100% chance on a successful hit). Casting speed is increased while using a Armadyl battlestaff.

% Can be 'Charged' (level 80 Magic) to increase the damage to 300, provided you are also wearing a God staff or Void knight mace, and a God cape. To read about the spells and how to unlock them, view the Mage Arena page.

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