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Big Chinchompa

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The time is 17:05 and the portal has not spawned yet. The next portal will spawn at roughly 17:30.

big chinchompa intro.jpg
She seems really hungry, perhaps you should feed her?

Nyriki Tapio is a gnome who's good at hunting. According to his wife Mieliki however, he's not as good as he thinks he is. It will come as no surprise then that he's turned to you for help.

Nyriki is trying to find ingredients for his wife's alchemical interests however, things aren't going so well for him. Gather the moths to put a rather obese looking Plutonial chinchompa to sleep so that Nyriki can finish his work and gather the chinchompa's chemicals for Mieliki.


There are no specific requirements for this D&D however, you may need the following in order to access some of the rewards:

Getting Started

Firstly, you'll want to find Nyriki Tapio. At half-past the hour, on all worlds, Nyriki will tunnel up from under the ground where he has found a Plutonial chinchompa.

You can go straight to Nyriki using the portal south of the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. Alternatively, you can check the areas that he is known to dig up from. Nyriki will tunnel up in one of the following locations (marked as yellow dots):

big chinchompa 1.jpg big chinchompa 2.jpg big chinchompa 3.jpg big chinchompa 4.jpg
North of Oo'glog South-west of Feldip Hills North of the Observatory South of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
big chinchompa 5.jpg big chinchompa 6.jpg big chinchompa 7.jpg big chinchompa 8.jpg
South of Piscatoris South-west of Lletya North-west of Rellekka South-east of Canifis
big chinchompa 9.jpg big chinchompa 10.jpg big chinchompa 11.jpg
East of Dominion Tower South-east of Shilo Village West of Shilo Village

big chinchompa nest.jpg
The Big Chinchompa Nest
cyan circle.png
red circle.png
green circle.png
Moth branch
magenta circle.png
Protea flowers
blue circle.png
Plutonial chinchompa
moth branch.gif
A branch filled with moth pupae

Climb down Nyriki's ladder. When you get inside the cave you'll see the Plutonial chinchompa in the center. Speak to Nyriki and he will give you a special jar to put the moths in.

Occasionally you will spot a moth flying around the cave, and you can click on it to place it in your Moth jar, but by far the best method for catching moths is to look for shaking branches.

When a branch shakes, it means a moth is ready to emerge. Click on the branch to try and put the moth into your Moth jar.

You can also use Protea flowers to attract moths. Pick the flowers and equip them as your weapon. Every so often, while you have the flowers equipped, a moth will be attracted to you. You have a chance, depending on your Hunter level, to catch this moth and place it in your Moth jar. The moth will always be the highest level one that you can catch.

When you have collected some moths, click on the nest to feed them to the chincompa.

The more moths you add to the nest, the more Hunter xp you will receive. You will also get more points to spend at Mieliki's store at the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Your score is capped at 1500 per game but you can continue to add moths to the nest if the chinchompa is not yet asleep.

Moth Hunter Level Score XP Moth Hunter Level Score XP Moth Hunter Level Score XP
red moth.gif
Red soporith moth
1 Hunter 1 15 orange moth.gif
Orange soporith moth
13 Hunter 2 50 yellow moth.gif
Yellow soporith moth
26 Hunter 5 150
green moth.gif
Green soporith moth
39 Hunter 8 250 blue moth.gif
Blue soporith moth
52 Hunter 12 300 purple moth.gif
Purple soporith moth
65 Hunter 15 320
grey moth.gif
Grey soporith moth
78 Hunter 18 400 black moth.gif
Black soporith moth
91 Hunter 21 450

big chinchompa bar.jpg

The interface in the top left of the screen shows: how many points you've earned for feeding moths to the chinchompa; how sleepy the chinchompa is (the green bar will go down as the chinchompa gets more and more drowsy); and how many moths are currently in your jar. How much time is left in the game will be shown on the top right of the screen.

Note that if you leave the game before it finishes, you can hand in your moths to Mieliki.


Mieliki's shop will allow you to spend the Competence points you have gathered helping her husband put Plutonial chinchompas to sleep.

Reward Competence points Reward Competence points
Hunter XP
1 Swamp lizard quota ticket inventory icon
Swamp lizard quota ticket
Protea flower inventory icon
Protea flower
1 Red chinchompa quota ticket inventory icon
Red chinchompa quota ticket
Flax inventory icon
2 Pawya quota ticket inventory icon
Pawya quota ticket
Swamp tar inventory icon
Swamp tar
8 Grenwall quota ticket inventory icon
Grenwall quota ticket
Swamp toad inventory icon
Swamp toad
24 Polar kebbit quota ticket inventory icon
Polar kebbit quota ticket

Private Hunting Grounds

The private hunting grounds are accessible via the portals near Mieliki's shop. You'll need to buy tickets in order to hunt in them however. Orange dots show the portal - you enter and exit the hunting grounds at this.

Hunting Ground Requirements Hunting Ground Requirements
Map of swamp lizard hunting ground
Private hunting grounds - Swamp lizard
29 Hunter
Access to Morytania
Map of carnivorous chinchompa hunting ground
Private hunting grounds - Carnivorous chinchompa
63 Hunter
Map of pawya hunting ground
Private hunting grounds - Pawya
66 Hunter
Some progress in Regicide
Map of polar kebbit hunting ground
Private hunting grounds - Polar kebbit *
70 Hunter
Map of grenwall hunting ground
Private hunting grounds - Grenwall
77 Hunter
Some progress in Regicide

*Note that you can catch polar kebbits with box traps at this hunting ground.

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