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If you have either unlocked the complete RuneScape experience by becoming a member or are thinking of subscribing then the Billing Support Team is here to help you. Our staff are available all hours of the day to help you find the right payment method, solve any of your subscription problems, or deal with any other queries you may have about being a RuneScape subscriber.

To find out which payment methods are available to you, log in to the payment screen via the link below:

  • Members Benefits Page
  • Click on the "Upgrade from..." link and enter your login details
  • Select your country from the link at the top of the page
  • Choose the tab which relates to your preferred method of payment
Members Benefits Making a RuneScape Membership or Spin Package Payment Gifting Membership
The benefits of upgrading to a paid account. Find out how to purchase membership or Squeal of Fortune Spins Giving others the benefit of membership.

Membership and Payment Issues Cancellations and Refunds Contact The Billing Team
Solutions for payment problems. Details on how to cancel your subscription and our refund policy. Contact the Billing Support Team for assistance.

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