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Black Knights' Fortress

This article is about the fortress itself. For the retired quest, see Black Knights' Fortress (Quest).
Black Knights' Fortress
The entrance to the Black Knight's Fortress
Entrance to the Black Knights' Fortress
Area Northern Asgarnia
Quest required No

The Black Knights' Fortress is the main stronghold of the Black Knights, or "Kinshra" - a Zamorakian military group. The Black Knights built the fortress near Ice Mountain around the same time as the White Knights' Castle was created. It's likely they built it as high as they could for strategic reasons, and also to be 'above' the White Knights who are their direct opposition.

The Black Knights are ostensibly a crusading force rather than a defensive one, and they will use the Fortress to send out forays into Asgarnia, lynch people in the Wilderness, etc.

The fortress is a key part of the quest The Death of Chivalry. You also visit the fortress during King's Ransom. Prior to completing of The Death of Chivalry, the fortress cannot be entered unless you are wearing the following outfits:

After the quest you can also teleport into the ritual chamber on the third floor of the fortress using the skull of remembrance. You will still need to be in disguise to walk through the front gate, however!


A map showing the location of the Black Knights' Fortress
Location of the fortress

The Black Knights' Fortress can be found on the edge of the Wilderness, north-west of Edgeville Monastery. You do not have to go through the Wilderness to access it however, as a drawbridge has been let down near the Monastery, by which can access the fortress safely.

You can get there easily by teleporting to the Edgeville lodestone and walking north-west.

Points of Interest

Ground Floor

A map of the Black Knights' Fortress's ground floor
The ground floor of the fortress
Red circle Fortress guards Magenta circle Lieutenant York
Blue circle Tapestries Purple circle Prison entrance

The ground floor houses a number of black knights, two barracks either side of the corridor running through the centre of the room, and a torture chamber to the north-west.

Within the torture chamber, there is an iron maiden on the north wall which you can prick your finger on, if you wish. There is also a locked door on the east wall which bars entrance to a set of stairs leading down to the prison used in the King's Ransom quest. The statue of King Arthur and access to the catacombs under the Fortress (used in While Guthix Sleeps) may be found via the cellar trapdoor in the south-west tower room, near the entrance.

You'll find Lieutenant York guarding the corridor but he will not speak to you, nor block your path. You can speak to him during The Death of Chivalry quest, however.

There is a staircase in the north-western tower which leads up to the first floor.

First Floor

A map of the Black Knights' Fortress's first floor
The first floor of the fortress
Red circle Fortress guards Cyan circle Hierophant Marius

When you reach the first floor you'll enter the kitchens and adjoining store rooms. There are some slaves here that you can speak to should you wish.

The room to the east of the kitchen is the banquet hall where a number of black knights and elite black knights are waiting for food or just passing the time.

South of the banquet hall is a slave quarters and an armoury either side of the corridor. You can view the outside of the fortress via a balcony if you go through the armoury on the east side (the door to the quarters on the west side is locked). There is a pitch bucket here but it is empty.

South of the slave quarters is a ritual area where you'll find a Zamorakian altar. There are several monks and black knights, as well as two clerics and a fortress guard.

The staircase to the next floor is in the south-east tower.

Second Floor

A map of the Black Knights' Fortress's second floor
The second floor of the fortress
Blue circle Tapestries and searchable items Magenta circle Lieutenant Graves

The second floor houses a number of elite black knights, with several personal quarters either side of the corridor running through the centre of the room. There is a combat training room to the north-west with a locked treasury next to it. There is a staircase in the north-west corner of the combat room up to the third floor.

To the far north you'll find Captain Dulcin's chambers which houses a number of items that you can examine.

You'll find Lieutenant Graves guarding the corridor but he will not speak to you, nor block your path. You can speak to him during The Death of Chivalry quest, however.

Third Floor

A map of the Black Knights' Fortress's third floor
The third floor of the fortress
Blue circle Wardrobe

The third floor is the best place to kill black knights as there are plenty of them patrolling the battlements.

Also on the third floor is a small ritual chamber, which you can teleport directly to by using the 'Teleport' option on the skull of remembrance.

There is a portal, which leads to the Tomb of the Fallen, in the north-east corner of the room. There is also a wardrobe, a shelf, a grimoire, a box of candles and a coal box that you can search within this room. In addition to this there is a bank chest.


There are no quests that can be started in the Black Knights' Fortress.

Fortress Guards

Black Knight ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Fortress guard
A black knight
Black Knights are always plotting the next move they can make against the White Knights. Aside from lurking in their fortress, they have a secret underground base in the Taverley Dungeon.
A fortress guard
These members of the Kinshra stand guard at doors and stairwells inside the fortress ensuring that no one travels into areas of the fortress that they shouldn't. Since the release of The Death of Chivalry, they can no longer be attacked.
Black Knights are found throughout the fortress. Fortress guards are found throughout the fortress.


  • If you have completed The Death of Chivalry but did not search the fortress, you may find a number of interesting items.

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