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Black dragon

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Members iconBlack dragon
Black dragon
A fierce dragon with black scales!
Location: Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken's Lair
Non-aggressive monster icon
Non-poisonous icon
Can be stunned icon
Can be leeched from icon
Can be shoved icon
Can be poisoned icon
? [Edit] ? [Edit]
Attack Strength Magic Ranged Defence
1 1 72 1 72
Level: 100
Attack style: Magic Magic icon
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Life points: 7000
Weakness: Bolts Bolts icon
Combat XP Constitution XP
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed:
Fastest - 2.4 seconds
Always: Black dragonhide, Dragon bones
Notable: Rune platebody, Rune chainbody, Rune 2h sword, Rune arrow (42), Rune kiteshield, Rune knife (2-10), Rune sq shield, Rune platelegs, Rune battleaxe, Rune longsword, Dragon med helm, Clue scroll (hard), Draconic visage, Starved ancient effigy
Other: Coins (16-3000), Air rune (50-75), Blood rune (15), Death rune (3-45), Fire rune (50), Law rune (3-45), Nature rune (67), Black hatchet (1-2), Chaos talisman, Nature talisman, Chocolate cake (1-2), noted Silver ore (100), Mithril 2h sword, Mithril hatchet, Mithril battleaxe, Mithril kiteshield, Mithril sq shield, Adamant bar (1-2), Adamant dart (p) (16), Adamant javelin (20-30), Adamant platebody, Steel arrow (150), Watermelon Seeds, Grimy herbs, Adamant full helm, Crimson charm (3), Blue charm (3), Gold charm (3), Green charm (3)
Slayer master: Sumona
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: None
Slayer XP: 258 (Dragon slayer gloves: 296.7)

Black dragons form part of the chromatic dragon family consisting of the green, red, blue and black dragons. Black dragons are the most powerful chromatic dragons in RuneScape and should not be underestimated. An anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield is useful in order to protect yourself from their firebreath. Without a shield the fire can cause 500+ damage and you could be dead in two to three hits however the use of the above shields reduce the dame to a maximum of 50. This kind of dragon has a weakness to stab attacks as well as to ranged attacks. As they can't attack with dragonfire from a long range, there is no need of food or dragonfire shield while attacking them from a safe spot, making ranged a very effective choise.

There are two spawns in Taverley dungeon, two spawns at the Lava Maze Dungeon, and 4 spawns at the Evil Chicken's Lair. This dragon drops the draconic visage, which can be used to create a dragonfire shield. After the Evolution of Combat update, Black Dragons are now weak to Ranged attacks, falling more specifically to arrows. They can also use magical attacks across long distance, with occasionally a long distant dragonbreath attack, so an antidragon shield or dragonfire shield is recommended when attacking from both near and from far.


Armour and Weapons


Preceded By Strongest monster in RuneScape Succeeded By
Black dragon
King Black Dragon

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