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Body Altar

worldmap globe.gif The official world to play Body Altar is 36. worldmap globe.gif

Body Rune Temple
Body Rune Temple
Inside the temple
Area South of Edgeville Monastery
Quest required No

The body rune temple contains a Runecrafting altar that can be used to create body runes. This requires level 20 Runecrafting and rune or pure essence. A body tiara and body talisman staff can also be made here by using a body talisman on the altar whilst carrying a tiara or runecrafting staff respectively.

A map showing the location of the mysterious ruins
Location of the ruins

The mysterious ruins Runecrafting altar that form the entrance to the temple are located north-west of the Barbarian Village and south of Edgeville Monastery. To enter the ruins requires a body or omni talisman, a body or omni tiara or a wicked hood that has consumed one of these. A body or omni talisman staff may also be wielded to grant entry.

A wicked hood that has consumed one of the aforementioned talismans or tiaras can also be used to teleport to the mysterious ruins, as can a body altar teleport tablet - purchasable from the Runecrafting Guild. Alternatively, the temple can be accessed directly via the body rift in the abyss which bypasses entering the ruins and therefore does not require any additional items.

The temple itself is a pink heart-shaped cavern, and the roots or vines on the floor and walls may resemble blood vessels. It is also part of the Great Orb Project.

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