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Boons are one-time recipes unlocked at the beginning of tiers 2 through 12 (there are no boons for tier 1). Boons increase the amount of XP and/or energy that you get when converting memories of that tier.

Due to the way the boost works you may not notice the boon boost for just one conversion, however on average you will be getting 10% extra XP or energy over time.

Note that boons become active as soon as you create them, they do not stack and do not provide items which can be stored in your backpack or bank.

Boon Level Ingredient XP
Boon of flickering energy
Boon of flickering energy member badge tiny.png
10 Divination Pale energy
Pale energy x100 OR

Flickering energy
Flickering energy x100
Boon of bright energy
Boon of bright energy member badge tiny.png
20 Divination Flickering energy
Flickering energy x300 OR

Bright energy
Bright energy x300
Boon of glowing energy
Boon of glowing energy member badge tiny.png
30 Divination Bright energy
Bright energy x500 OR

Glowing energy
Glowing energy x500
Boon of sparkling energy
Boon of sparkling energy member badge tiny.png
40 Divination Glowing energy
Glowing energy x600 OR

Sparkling energy
Sparkling energy x600
Boon of gleaming energy
Boon of gleaming energy member badge tiny.png
50 Divination Sparkling energy
Sparkling energy x800 OR

Gleaming energy
Gleaming energy x800
Boon of vibrant energy
Boon of vibrant energy member badge tiny.png
60 Divination Gleaming energy
Gleaming energy x1000 OR

Vibrant energy
Vibrant energy x1000
Boon of lustrous energy
Boon of lustrous energy member badge tiny.png
70 Divination Vibrant energy
Vibrant energy x1250 OR

Lustrous energy
Lustrous energy x1250
Boon of elder energy
Boon of elder energy member badge tiny.png
75 Divination Lustrous energy
Lustrous energy x1375 OR

Elder energy
Elder energy x1375
Boon of brilliant energy
Boon of brilliant energy member badge tiny.png
80 Divination Lustrous energy
Lustrous energy x1500 OR

Brilliant energy
Brilliant energy x1500
Boon of radiant energy
Boon of radiant energy member badge tiny.png
85 Divination Brilliant energy
Brilliant energy x1750 OR

Radiant energy
Radiant energy x1750
Boon of luminous energy
Boon of luminous energy member badge tiny.png
90 Divination Luminous energy
Luminous energy x2000 OR

Radiant energy
Radiant energy x2000
Boon of incandescent energy
Boon of incandescent energy member badge tiny.png
95 Divination Luminous energy
Luminous energy x2250 OR

Incandescent energy
Incandescent energy x2250


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