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Brassica Prime

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Your persistence pleases Brassica Prime. I, the King of the Cabbages, share my power with you.

Brassica Prime
Brassica Prime
Also known as King of the Cabbages
Gender Male
Tier 5
Alignment Deliciousness
Symbol Brassica Prime's symbol
Colours Green, white
Original race Cabbage
Quests Cabbage Tap (Removed miniquest)
Missing, Presumed Death
Location Lumbridge (During CFB event)
Empyrean Citadel
Oo'glog (During Cabbage Tap)
Examine The cabbage to rule them all.
Brassica Prime

Brassica Prime is the god of cabbages, and was first discovered during the Cabbage Tap miniquest.

Brassica Prime is the only known god to have returned to Gielinor before the Sixth Age. It is unknown how Brassica Prime was able to surpass the Edicts of Guthix to return in the Fifth Age, before Guthix's death allowed the other gods to return.

Brassica Prime "fought" with Marimbo during the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza event. This event was announced at RuneFest 2013.

Quote  (said by: Brassica - upon being summoned by the player)


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