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Brawling gloves (FM)

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member badge tiny.pngBrawling gloves (FM)
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Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
High alchemy 30000 coins
Low alchemy 20000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death No
Examine A pair of gloves that gives you bonus FM xp.
Weight 0.2 kg

Brawling gloves (FM) are XP boosting gloves that are dropped by the revenants found in Forinthry Dungeon. Brawling gloves are especially designed to temporarily increase the experience you earn while training.

While in the Wilderness the gloves will increase Firemaking XP earned by 400%. Outside of the Wilderness this is lowered to a 50% increase.

The gloves only have a certain number of charges and these are used up faster the higher the XP being gained.