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Brilliant colony

Brilliant colony
Brilliant colony
Location of the brilliant colony
Area Kharidian Desert
Quest required No

The brilliant colony is an area where you will find tier 9 wisps for the Divination skill.

The brilliant colony is located east of Mage Training Arena.

Although it is an area that can be accessed by all players, the wisps within it can only be interacted with by members with a Divination level of at least 80.

Methods of getting to the brilliant colony consist of using the fairy ring with the code BIP, or running north from the Citharede Abbey, which is located east of Al Kharid.

Brilliant wisp Members icon Enriched brilliant wisp Members icon
Brilliant wisp A tier 9 wisp of energy, harvestable by those with Divination level 80 or above.
Enriched brilliant wisp An enriched tier 9 wisp of energy, harvestable by those with Divination 80 or above. Enriched wisps always give enriched memories.

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