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Brimhaven Dungeon

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Brimhaven Dungeon is a particularly dangerous area of Gielinor. Most of the creatures that stalk its depths are aggressive, and they can back that up with their extremely high Combat level. Some creatures can cause difficulty to even the highest level adventurers. As death is quite likely the further you go into the dungeon, it is advised that you only take items with you that you are not terribly concerned about losing.

It is highly recommended that you bring an anti-dragonbreath shield due to the large number of dragons in the dungeon.

bdungeon intro1.jpg
Inside Brimhaven Dungeon

No one is entirely sure how Brimhaven Dungeon came about, but they do know that to enter its portal is to risk death. The opening cavern seems to be the remnant of some ancient temple or tomb, and it is likely that an ancient ritual or spell gone awry drew some of the foulest and most dangerous creatures in Gielinor to its depths.

Throughout the tunnels there are occasional pools of lava, where the core of the world cracks through into the dungeon, as if trying to burn itself clean. Despite its fearsome reputation, Brimhaven Dungeon is popular among adventurers seeking a good supply of dangerous creatures to test themselves against.


bdungeon location.jpg
Location of Brimhaven Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon lies behind a door set in a small stone building with a Fyburglars tree growing on top of it. It is, as the name suggests, very close to Brimhaven, being only a short walk south-west of the town.

To the south-east is the native village of Tai Bwo Wannai.

Directly west across the sea is Port Khazard.

Points of Interest

dungeon map1.jpg
Interesting areas of Brimhaven Dungeon
magenta circle.png

red circle.png


Brimhaven Dungeon is a warren of caverns and tunnels, and some sections are separated out by tough vines that you will need to cut through, with different Woodcutting levels required, depending on where you want to go. You need a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 34. You will need a minimum Agility of 12 to cross the stepping stones over the lava pool to get any further into the dungeon than the moss giants, and 30 to cross the log into the red dragon area.

If you find wandering about the dungeon a bit tiresome, and would prefer to use Agility shortcuts, there are a number of crawl pipes you can use to move quickly from one chamber to the next.

The upper level of the dungeon can be reached by using the stairs in the north and west of the dungeon.


Saniboch is a local tribesman who is employed to watch over the entrance to the Brimhaven Dungeon and to charge adventurers an entry fee. He is always a little bit jealous of those that go inside, as his own skills are not high enough to go very deep himself.
Saniboch can be found outside the entrance to the dungeon.


No quests can be started in Brimhaven Dungeon.

Denizens of the Dungeon

Moss giant (Level 42) Wild dog (Level 63)
moss giant.gif
Moss giants are more commonly seen on the surface of Gielinor, but a sizeable number have found their way into Brimhaven Dungeon, where they and their beards wait for adventurers to disturb them. They are quite strong, but by the dungeon's standards they are positively feeble.
wild dog.gif
Wild dogs are aggressive and numerous, and will attack anyone that they see. They are fast and vicious, so it is a very lucky adventurer that manages to travel the dungeon unhindered by these degenerate beasts.
Moss giants are found in the north of the dungeon. Wild dogs are found is the center of the dungeon, below the moss giants.
Baby red dragon (Level 48) Fire giant (Level 86)
baby red dragon.gif
Though they may be cute, and not appear much of a threat, even the smallest of dragons is a dangerous opponent. Baby dragons are best attacked with stabbing or Ranged weapons, as these are capable of punching through their tough scales.
fire giant.gif
Fire giants are powerful creatures, but wear little armour. What natural toughness they have is weak against slashing weapons, so adventurers uncertain of their abilities should bring those.
Baby red dragons are found with their bigger companions in a room in the east of the dungeon. Fire giants are found in the west of the dungeon and on the north section of the upper floor.
Greater demon (Level 92) Bronze dragon (Level 131)
greater demon.png
Greater demons are made of the stuff of destruction and pain. They exist solely to bring suffering and death to anyone unprepared, and they certainly look the part. They have excellent defence, but as they are essentially magical creatures, they are particularly weak against mages.
bronze dragon.gif
Like other metal dragons, bronze dragons are covered in hard scales that make them particularly difficult to harm. They are a strange sight in the dungeon, glittering reflections of whatever light source is around them. Because they are covered in these scales, though, they are quite vulnerable to Magic.
Greater demons can be found on the south section of the upper floor of the dungeon. Bronze dragons are found in the room south west of the room containing the red dragons.
Red dragon (Level 152) Black demon (Level 172)
red dragon.gif
Red dragons are powerful enemies whose scales are the colour of blood. They are quite social creatures, like most other dragons, and where you find red dragons you are likely to find their children. Red dragons are best attacked with stabbing weapons or Ranged attacks.
black demon.png
Black Demons are among the most dangerous demons you can face, and should never be underestimated. Their massive size is no illusion to put off adventurers: they truly are terrifying foes. Like other demons, they are weak against magical assaults.
Red dragons are found with their babies in a room in the east of the dungeon. Black demons are located south of the red dragons, beyond the bronze dragon room.
Iron dragon (Level 189) Steel dragon (Level 246)
iron dragon.gif
In the final cavern of Brimhaven Dungeon is a large number of iron and steel dragons. Though iron dragons are the weaker of the two, they are still fearsome opponents for almost any adventurer, and even more dangerous in numbers. They are metal dragons, though, so Magic is a good approach to take.
steel dragon.gif
By far the most dangerous creature you could possibly encounter in Brimhaven Dungeon (and very probably the most dangerous beast in Karamja), steel dragons are vicious monsters that will stop at nothing to slaughter anyone bold or foolish enough to think they can kill them. They are still metal dragons, though, so Magic is probably the best option.
Iron and steel dragons can be found in the southern part of the dungeon.


  • Brimhaven Dungeon is the only place in Gielinor where there are red dragons outside the Wilderness.
  • Metal dragons drop dragon legs and dragon skirts; the higher the level of dragon the better your odds are of getting some.
  • Players with level 80 Dungeoneering will be able to find a mysterious entrance in the Brimhaven Dungeon.


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