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Members iconBurthorpe
Burthorpe, a dangerous northern town
Area Kandarin
Quest required No

As Asgarnia's most northward settlement, situated dangerously close to White Wolf Mountain and Trollheim, Burthorpe is less than safe.

Tension between the Imperial Guard of Burthorpe and the White Knights of Falador are rising and, given their disagreements, Burthorpe has become something of a state of its own; it prescribes its own laws and delivers its own punishments.


Location of Burthorpe
Location of Burthorpe

Burthorpe's situation is no accident. Hemmed in by mountain ranges, the town has only two means of entrance, both carefully watched.

To the south, beyond the Druids' Circle, lies Taverley, and routes that lead to Falador and the rest of Asgarnia.

White Wolf Mountain, famed for the aggressive mammals that dwell on its snowy passes, forms the south-west boundary of Burthorpe.

A north-west winding passage leads the unsuspecting adventurer to the Death Plateau.

To the east lies the Goblin Village and the Chaos Temple.

Points of Interest

Burthorpe's points of interest
Burthorpe's points of interest

Burthorpe has developed a crisis of identity that mirrors its two rulers. As mentioned before, the town is driven by its need to defend itself, a position reflected in the leader of the Imperial Guard, Denulth. On the flip side, Prince Anlaf stays confined in his impressive palace. Playing games within his dungeon, this figurehead ruler's passion for recreation is reflected in the town's penchant for the minigame: the Warriors' Guild and several strategy games in the Palace Games Room. These two conflicting attitudes to town management leave Burthorpe something of a chimeric beast.

The Distraction and Diversion, Troll Invasion, can be done once a month just west of Burthorpe Castle.


Prince Anlaf Commander Denulth
Prince Anlaf
While Prince Anlaf may seem oblivious to the danger from the trolls, he is hidden away not to avoid his duties, but to protect himself from would-be assassins: the first in line to the throne of Asgarnia is constantly aware of this danger. Because of this, Prince Anlaf can be found, or more specifically, can't be found, in secret areas of his Games Room where he attempts to master the intricacies of Runeversi and Runesquares. With his combination of wariness and a love of games, the role of ruler has effectively passed to Denulth and his Imperial Guard.
Commander Denulth
The finest fighter and military mind of the Imperial Guard, Denulth has risen to the position of Burthorpe's acting ruler. Ensconced in his tent, he has been fruitlessly attempting to break the deadlock against the trolls of the Trollheim, a prolonged battle that has cost the lives of so many of his Guards. Passionate in his belief that Burthorpe should maintain its relative freedom of rule, Denulth will do whatever he can to secure its safety.
Prince Anlaf is hidden away in his castle. The Commander is in the centre of Burthorpe.
Captain Jute Kaqemeex
Captain Jute
An officer of the Imperial Guard, responsible for co-ordinating the frontline defences against the Troll Invasion.
The job of maintaining the stone circle falls to Kaqemeex, a particularly reliable druid with many years experience making potions and tending to herbs. Because of this duty he is also working with Sanfew to restore the desecrated stone circle of Varrock.
Jute is in the North of Burthorpe guarding the path to Death Plateau. Kaqemeex can be found in the stone circle in the centre of town.
Hild Ehoric
In such a male-dominated and fearful town, Hild - a cat and art lover - has chosen a strange place to pursue a solitary lifestyle. Hild is far from usual, however, and has knowledge of arts that very few in RuneScape are even aware of, although she is reluctant to show any passing traveller.
Being head servant to the largely absent Prince leaves many opportunities to fill one's time. Eohric chooses to do so by gleaning any gossip he can about the inhabitants of Burthorpe, particularly anything about the vices of those who work in or around the Palace.
Hild is in her house, in the North-East of town. Eohric can be found on the second storey of the Palace, catching up on the latest news.
Unferth (or Bob's Human) Bob
For a human, Unferth is incredibly high maintenance. He needs constant care, attention, grooming and feeding, and is of a timid and worried disposition. Bob testifies that he is a difficult human to keep, and will often need to be escaped from for peace and quiet. It is advised not to leave Unferth alone for too long, however, as he will become miserable and complain about his spleen.
Roaming Casanova and role-model to cats the world over, Bob has the mark of power about him. Left as a kitten on the doorstep of Gertrude's house, this large orphaned tomcat has learnt to fend for himself, and in the case of Unferth, to fend for others too. Often found wandering by himself, Bob still likes to chat at great length, all sprinkled with poor innuendo and bad puns.
Unferth sulks in his hut North of town. Though he technically lives in Burthorpe, finding Bob is the hard part as he likes to travel widely and may be found almost anywhere in RuneScape.
Helemos Achietties
Proprietor of the Happy Heroes’ H’Emporium within the Heroes’ Guild. Those who have completed the Heroes’ Quest can access his shop to purchase dragon maces and dragon battleaxes.
Fiercely proud of her position as principal guard of the Heroes' Guild and a dervish with the sword, Achietties will make it as difficult as possible for anyone new to join. After all, it took her years to pass the severe induction, so why shouldn't she demand the same?
Helemos is on the second floor of the Heroes' Guild in the centre of Burthorpe. Achietties watches over the Heroes' Guild.
Tam McGrubor Xuan
Tam McGrubor
Wizard of dubious affiliation Tam McGrubor is the man to see if you're looking to get your hands on a wicked hood; very useful for runecrafters.
This widely travelled merchant keeps an eclectically stocked store for those registered with the Members' Loyalty Programme.
Tam is in the East of Burthorpe. Xuan is in the North-East of Burthorpe.
Dunstan Copernicus Glyph
There are two things that Dunstan wants in his life. The first is to have all of his customer's debts paid, living a financially secure existence with his forge on the fringes of Burthorpe. The other is to get his hard-working and talented son into the invite-only Imperial Guard. Dunstan can also repair your weapons.
Copernicus Glyph
A gnome sculptor who has sculpted many statues and has to maintain statues of the gods' followers monthly.
Dunstan is at his anvil in the North of Burthorpe. Copernicus can be found near the altar of Guthix.
Sabbot Freda
Surly and stubborn, even for a dwarf, Sabbot has his heart set on a cozy cave to live in with his wife, and won’t let little things like trolls get in his way. He’s your go-to-guy when going over a mountain just won’t do.
The long-suffering wife of Sabbot isn’t quite happy to move into their new home until it’s ... well ... more than just a cave. She’s a skilled cartographer.
Sabbot is in a cave in the North-West of Burthorpe, on the path towards Death Plateau. Freda is West of Burthorpe, South of Death Plateau.
Ghommal Challenge Mistress Fara
The imposing guard of the Warriors' Guild won't permit entry by anyone who doesn't meet the requirements.
Challenge Mistress Fara
Fara is a teenage gnome with a habit for referring to anyone taller than her as 'stretch', 'beanpole' or any other term implying they they are not normal.
Ghommal guards the Warriors' Guild in the West of town. Fara can be found on the west side of Burthorpe.


The following quests can be started in Burthorpe:

Burthorpe's Invaders

White wolf ( Level 8 | Weak to weak to air.gif )
White wolf Smaller and weaker than their fully grown pack members, these wolves are frightened of passers by and will only fight back if provoked.
White wolves can be found scattered around Burthorpe.


  • Invaluable weapons, training dungeons, beautiful views and an altar await those who manage to pass the Heroes' Guild induction to the south of the town.

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