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I cannot access/forgot my registered email

If you have tried to change passwords on your account, but for some reason cannot access your registered email, or if you have simply forgotten your registered email, please select from the options below:

I have forgotten which email is registered on my account

If you have forgotten which email is registered to your account, don’t panic, simply follow the steps below.
  1. Click the Account link at the top of the RuneScape homepage and log into your account.
  2. Go to the "Email & Communication Preferences" section and click the link to change your email. This will send an email to the active registered email on your RuneScape account, so check through all of your email accounts (including spam/junk folders) for an email from Jagex titled "You have requested to change your email address"
  3. Once you find the email you can either follow the instructions to change your email address to a new one, or simply delete the email.

If you cannot find the email which was delivered to you, and you are certain that the registered email on the account is not one that you have set yourself, please click here to recover your account as someone else may have gained control of it.

I have forgotten the password to my registered email address

If you cannot access the email address registered to your account any more, please try and recover your email address through your email provider (or system administrator).

Here are our top 5 email provider recovery pages to help you regain access to your email account:

Using your providers dedicated recovery systems should help you regain access to your email. If for any reason you have tried this but still cannot access the email registered to your account, please use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and we will try to help you resolve this issue.

My registered email has been deleted/no longer in use

Many major providers of free email addresses will delete an email account if it has not been accessed in a while, this depends on the provider.

Which providers typically delete email accounts?

Google's Gmail service is best known for keeping email accounts open after long periods of inactivity.

Microsoft will make an account inactive/delete an account after 270 days of inactivity. This means you should log into your Microsoft email account before this time period for it to remain active.

Yahoo will delete an account after roughly 365 days of inactivity. This means you should log into your Yahoo email account before this time period for it to remain active. Yahoo have created a guide on this here.

AOL reserve the right to delete an account after only 90 days of inactivity. This means you should log into your AOL/AIM email account before this time period for it to remain active.

How can I re-enable my deleted email?

You may be able to create the email address once again after it has been deleted if another user has not taken this email address up already! To do this you just need to create a new account with the same provider and attempt to give it the same email address that you previously had.

If you are unable to recreate the email address you once had, we recommend using a provider that does not typically delete email addresses after periods of inactivity.

My registered email is a work/university one and it has been deleted

If the email you have registered on your account was set up by an administrator at work/Uni/college and is no longer in use, you’ll need to contact us with as much detail about your account as possible.

Before clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of this page, try to ensure that you provide us with as much of the information below as possible.

  • Username
  • Display Name
  • Email Address that has been deleted
  • Email address that you would like to have added to the account
  • Any Billing information you have set on the account
  • Any contact details that are associated with the account
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