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Email registration

What is Email Registration?


As of January 11th 2012, all new Jagex game accounts have needed a contact email address to act as their login name and their main means of controlling changes on their account.

This has provided an extra level of security to new accounts, as well as to any players with Pre January 11th 2012 accounts, allowing a player to quickly and easily reset their password if the password is forgotten by the owner or changed by someone else.

As a thank-you to everyone one who has already registered an email address, or who now opts to add one to their account, we are giving out the following in-game rewards to each account with a validated email set:

So with the enhanced account security, extra ease of password resetting , and free game items there is no reason not to register a valid email address with us as soon as possible.

How to set your email address

If your account was made before January 11th 2012 and you have not already set your recovery email address, or there is not currently a validated email set on your account, then there is a quick and simple way to register and validate an email address on your account.

Click for full instructions

1. Click here to Manage your Account.

2. . Select the "Email & Communication Preferences" section of your account and then enter the email you wish to register.

CS - New Email.JPG

Once the email has been sent you will see the message

CS - New Email 2.JPG

3. Check your email account for an email with the subject 'Confirm your email address'. This should be with you with 30 minutes but it can take a bit longer to get to you, depending on your email provider. It is always worth making sure that the message hasn't been sent to your Spam folder.

The message will look like this

CS - New Email 3.JPG

The quickest way to validate your email is to click on the link in the email. Before clicking on the link you should always make sure the email is from Jagex.

Can I change my registered email?

If you have access to the currently registered email, and simply want to change this to a new one head here.

If you can no longer access the registered email, or it has been deleted head here to start the process of resolving this issue, which may including submitting a message to us should your email address have been deleted.

Can I register the same email on multiple RuneScape accounts?

Yes you can register your email address across your various RuneScape accounts using the steps provided above.

Please note, this will not change the login email address.

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