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Carnivorous chinchompa

member badge tiny.pngCarnivorous Chinchompa
carnivorous chinchompa.gif
Released November 2006
Location Felpid Hills
Trap Box trap
Bait Spicy mince meat
Level 63
Experience 265 when caught in box trap
Drops itself
Examine Cute and fluffy,probably deadly

A creature caught in the Hunter skill, carnivorous chinchompas, often abbreviated to the name "chins", require level 63 hunter to catch and provide 265 experience upon a successful catch. They can be caught using a Box trap which then provides Red chinchompas, a form of Ranged ammunition worn in the weapon slot and are stackable, this allows players to catch them without having to bank. The box traps used can be baited with Spicy minced meat to catch them faster. Most players hunt them to use for range xp or sell them for gold coins to other players.

If attacked they will explode, and can deal 20 damage when standing close enough. If you die while having Red chinchompas in your inventory or in the weapon slot, they will ALL be lost, as they are considered live animals and run away. It is therefore recommended to use them sparingly while training in dangerous areas as they are very expensive.


Carnivorous Chinchompas are located in the southern area of Feldip hills and north of Oo'glog. You can reach the chinchompas through a few ways such as: Taking the Gnome glider from Tree gnome tronghold and running south, taking a spirit tree to Mobilising Armies and walking North-East, using the fairy ring system with the code - AKS or by walking South from Yanille.