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Cave Goblin Mines

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You must have started The Lost Tribe quest to gain access to the Cave Goblin Mines.

cave goblin intro.jpg
Talking to Mistag in the Cave Goblin Mines

The goblins that litter the surface of RuneScape are stupid and prone to arguing among themselves; the only sign of intelligence among goblin-kind is in the cave goblins. Many thousands of years ago, the cave goblins lived on the surface and were at least as stupid as those goblins that still live above ground, but they fled from the danger of the God Wars to hide in a hole in the rock. The many years of hiding in the caves below the surface has led them to evolve into a more intelligent and thoughtful race.

The Dorgeshuun, as cave goblins call themselves, are a secretive race only recently returning to the surface to trade and make pacts with the great nations and rulers of the world. They are still frightened by the light, and persecuted by H.A.M. (Humans Against Monsters), and some of the Dorgeshuun are justifiably paranoid about the humans; but there are still those that believe that they should be more open, and rely on the general human public not to demand war.


cave goblin mines location.jpg
Location of the Cave Goblin Mines

The Dorgeshuun mines extend over a large area, the tips of which reach into the Lumbridge Castle cellar and the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon. Neither of these entry points can be used until you have started The Lost Tribe quest, and you will need a pick to unblock the passages.

Points of Interest

cave goblin features.jpg
Interesting areas of the Cave Goblin Mines

The path through the mines is filled with traps and pitfalls, which only the Dorgeshuun can reliably navigate, but explorers can learn to read the signs and find their way. Once an adventurer has proven friendly to the goblins, though, the Dorgeshuun will happily provide guides to find their way through.

The castle cellar itself features a chest which can be used as a bank, but only those who have begun to work against the Culinaromancer will have access to it.

Within the Dorgeshuun mine are, unsurprisingly, a large number of Mining spots, where a variety of ores can be obtained. The Dorgeshuun, having little access to wood, use bone to construct their weapons which can be purchased from a particularly secretive goblin called Nardok.


Mistag isn't a particularly inquisitive goblin, but is still friendly towards humans. He runs the Dorgeshuun mining operations, for which he is rightly looked up to.


The following quest can be started in the Cave Goblin Mines:

Cave Goblins

Cave goblin miner (Level 11) Cave goblin guard (Level 24/26)
cave goblin miner.gif
Most of the visible population of the Dorgeshuun work in the mines, gathering ores and rocks and carving out tunnels to provide space for their people. They are not powerful warriors by any stretch of the imagination, and are quite opposed to combat in all its forms.
cave goblin guard.gif
The most paranoid of the Dorgeshuun - those most suspicious of humans - generally become the guards. Because the Dorgeshuun abhor war in all its forms, the guards are looked down on by the majority of the population, but they are still capable fighters and the only goblins that stand between Dorgesh-Kaan and any H.A.M. invasion.
Cave goblin miners can be found working the ore from the walls of the mines. Cave goblin guards can be found patrolling the mines, keeping an eye on any humans that wander through.


  • Although you can purchase both the bone dagger and the bone crossbow (from Nardok) without doing so, you will need to complete Death to the Dorgeshuun to make best use of them.
  • Once you have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun, you will find that the cave goblin guides will also take you to the watermill cellar.


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